Salem The Mango City of Tamil Nadu | Places to Visit | Mango city of India | Mango of Salem

Salem The Mango City of Tamil Nadu
Yercaud Hill station in Tamilnadu

A city with lavish historical heritage, Salem is renowned all over the country for its mango plantations and is hence often referred to as the Salem The Mango City of Tamil Nadu . Besides the mouth watering mangos, other things that this one of the noted cities of Tamilnadu is famous for include silver ornaments especially anklets for women, steel industry, sago factories, magnetite factories and agricultural products units. Another popularity of Salem is Leigh Bazaar which is the largest market in the region for agricultural products.

Salem The Mango City of Tamil Nadu | Places to Visit | Mango city of India | Mango of Salem

The distinctiveness of Salem doesn’t end here. It is also the birthplace of famous Tamil Poetess- Avvaiyar. Besides the cultural, historical and industrial significance, Salem is also bestowed with the gift of mesmerizing landscapes and hills which make it an excellent destination for travellers too.

Salem also has a large number of temples belonging from historical periods to recent times and is hence also known as the City of Temples. Thousands of tourists and devotees are attracted to the city every year to pay a visit to the several holy shrines situated in the fifth largest city of Tamil Nadu– Salem.

Places to visit in Salem

Salem has a number of famous Hindu temples which attracts many tourists and visitors across the country.

  • Tharamangalam Temple: Famous for its architecture and stone carvings, this temple is located at a distance of 27 Km from Salem city. It is majorly known for its Kailasanathar Temple which contains a rotating lotus on its ceiling.
Salem The Mango City of Tamil Nadu
Tharamangalam Temple – Salem – Tamilnadu
  • Kottai Mariamman Temple: It is one of the oldest tourist destinations of Salem located in the heart of the city near the bank of Tirumanimuthar river. This temple is majorly known for its annual car festival which attracts many pilgrims across the nation.
Salem The Mango City of Tamil Nadu
Kottai Mariamma Temple-Salem – Tamilnadu – India

There are other temples also which are of tourist interest like Kottai Perumal Temple, Skandhashram, Kothandaramar Temple and Sithar Koil. Apart from the temples, there is Jama Maszid, the oldest mosque of Salem and The Christ Church located in the heart of the city.

  • Yercaud is another very important tourist attraction of Salem. Yercaud is such a special place in the hearts of Salem’s people that they call it Salem’s Ooty. It is a very beautiful hill station located at a distance of 30 Km from the main city and offers spellbinding views while climbing up the hill as well as from its peak. It has many exciting and beautiful tourist attractions like
  • Arthur Lake
  • Ladies Seat
  • The Servaroyan Temple
  • Killiyur Falls
  • Pagoda Point
  • EmeraldLake
Salem The Mango City of Tamil Nadu
Yercaud Lake – Salem – Tamilnadu -India

Yercaud is the one of the economical hill station to visit for the tourists and visitors coming to Tamilnadu. One can come here anytime round the year!!!

  • Karuvampatti Zoological Park- Located in the foothills of Shevaroy, this zoological reserve is a home to numerous endangered species of fauna. This is also perhaps one of the best places to catch a glimpse of peacocks and colourful cranes, both at the same place. Other inhabitants of the Karuvampatti Zoo include spotted dear, sambar dear, macaques, rabbits, elephants, tortoise and mugger crocodiles.

Other prominent spots of tourist attraction located in Salem include

  • Mettur Dam
  • Poiman Karadu
  • Sankakiri Fort
  • Silk Farm
  • Poolampatti Waterplace

Festivals and Fairs of Salem

Almost all Indian festivals are celebrated here with full joy and enthusiasm, however, some of the important events that took place with huge participation from the local crowd includes Masi Magham Festival and Kotai Mariamman Temple Festival.

Masi Magham is a very important festival celebrated in Salem. It is an annual festival that takes place in the month of February – March on the full moon day as per the Tamil Calender.

Kottai Mariamman Temple Festival is an annual five day festival that is celebrated with full excitement and fervour. Many devotees and pilgrims visit this event with full devotion and anxiety to have the auspicious sight of their deity. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman which is held in the month of mid July – August. This event involves an extensive amount of pomp and show all over the temple.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Salem is during winters between the months of December and February. The minimum temperature touches here during this time frame is 180C. From March, dry climate starts with hot summers till the month of August where maximum temperature touches 400C. Monsoon starts with average rainfall during the months of September to December.

How to Reach

By Air – The airport of Salem is located on the Salem-Bangalore highway at a distance of 20 Km from the main city. This airport is connected with all leading flights with all the major cities of Tamilnadu.

By Rail – Salem Railway Station is located at a distance of 5 Km from the main city and is very well connected with all other cities and towns of the state. It is one of the important railway station of Southern India. You can book train ticket thru Indian Railway booking counter or thru IRCTC login.

By Road – The road network to Salem is also very well developed. Many bus services and taxies play on this route to offer smooth commuting to the visitors. Buses for Bangalore, Tiruchirappalli and Thanjavur are easily available. You can book taxi thru Makemytrip, Ola cab, or any other online website.

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