10 Health benefits of Mango

10 Health benefits of Mango

Mango season is finally here! The most waited time of every mango lover. And India is undoubtedly a nation of mango loving people because in our country we call is the ‘King of all Fruits’. There are hundreds of varieties mangoes available here.

10 Health benefits of Mango

But while we get so deeply indulged in the mouth watering taste of ever-so-tempting fruit, have we ever given a thought to its nutritional value? Minerals, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, antioxidants, fiber- your beloved fruit has it all. Yes! Besides being a sweet, tangy and supremely delicious food, mango is immensely nutritious as well. Let us have a look at the

Top 10 health benefits of mangoes

  1. Keeps skin clear and healthy – Eating mangoes or apply mango pulp on your face, both will give you simply amazing results. They help open clogged pores which is the best way to clear pimples too. Other than that, it also helps lighten skin tone. Cut mango into thin slices or prepare mango pulp and apply this on your face for ten to fifteen minutes and rinse off. Do this everyday and experience surprising glow on your face.
  2. Prevents cancer – While relishing the taste of mangoes, you would surely nit have imagined that you are saving yourself from cancers too. Rich in beta-carotene, mangoes prevent you from various types of cancers such as those of prostate, gastro-intestinal tract, breast, colon etc. Presence of pectin, galectin 3, astragalin, gallic acid, methylgallat as well as enzymes in huge quantities lowers the risk of cancers as well as helps fight cancer at all stages.
  3. Helps digest better – Gastric troubles such as acidity and inability to digest can be effectively cured by eating mangoes. Their good fiber and water content aids digestion and even helps improve appetite.
  4. Aids weight gain – All those who have a lean body and wish to gain weight must include mangoes in their diet. 100gms of mango has about 60 calories which can help you gain weight easily, and moreover in a healthy and natural way. They also contain starch which converts into sugar and further enhances the process of healthy weight gain.
  5. A great fruit for anemic people – Mango has iron in abundance which makes it a great choice for all those suffering from anemia. In fact, this quality of mango makes it a suitable food for pregnant women as well. By eating mangoes regularly during their pregnancy, women can supply some naturally good iron to their body, in addition to pampering their taste buds which are at an all time high level during this phase.
  6. Improves immunity – Mango has lots of Vitamin A and C, a plethora of antioxidants and 25 different kinds of carotenoids which help in building up of a robust immune system. So if you wish to keep yourself safe from colds, flus and several other seasonal and communicable infections, make sure you start eating mangos.
  7. Good for eyesight – Owing to its rich Vitamin A content, mango supplies a sufficient quantity of this nutrient which is extremely essential for a good eyesight. Besides improving vision, mango also helps prevent night blindness and dryness in eyes.
  8. Slows down aging – Containing Vitamin A and C in profusion, mangos considerably help in slowing down the process of skin aging. This happens when the mentioned nutrients produce collagen proteins in human body which perform the job of slowing down of natural skin aging process.
  9. Controls blood pressure, cholesterol and heart problems – The superfruit is a storehouse of vitamins, calcium, potassium, magnesium and many more important nutrients. They are also a rich in fiber content. As a result of this, they are known to keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control, hence also leading to a better overall heart health.
  10. Beneficial for brain – Mangoes are one of the best natural sources of Vitamin B-6 which enhances functioning of brain. Besides that, the glutamine acid content of mangoes also improves memory and concentration power. Hence, the next time when you want yourself to concentrate more on your work or your child to remember things better, get some mangoes for the whole family and see its magic work!

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