8 Ways to Improve Eye Sight



8 Ways to Improve Eye Sight
Eye sight

Among all the organs designed and instituted by God in the human body, the most beautiful and vital are our eyes. Besides playing a distinct role in our daily lives, they are also an important factor of our facial beauty. But with increasing age, work pressures and stress, and unhealthy eating habits and declining food quality, most of us are facing problems of deteriorating eye sight.

Eye sight
Eye sight

While struggling with vision problems, most people chose to wear glasses or contact lenses. You might need to do that as per your optician’s advice, however there are ways to avoid them or get rid of them as well.

Following  are a few quick and easy ways to attain and maintain vigorous eyesight.

  1. Eat right– consuming foods that are rich in vitamins A,C, E and minerals regularly and in sufficient quantities will help you improve vision. Here is a list of few foods rich in these nutrients:Vitamin A- Apricots, carrots, mangoes, red pepper, skimmed ricotta cheese, spinach, sweet potato etc.Vitamin C– Kiwi, strawberries, orange, gooseberry, broccoli, brussel sprouts, grapefruit, etc.Vitamin E- Almonds, broccoli, peanut butter, spinach, sunflower seeds, wheat germ etc.Minerals- Soy food, milk & milk products, corn, cashews, almonds, mushrooms, etc.
  2. Take time away from gadgets– Follow the 10-10-10 rule. Yes ! While you are watching TV, using your computer screen or using any other gadget, after every 10 minutes, look at an object at a distance of 10 feet for 10 seconds. Also take a ten minute break every hour at your workplace or while studying/working continuously. It will reduce the stress building up on your eyes significantly and help you give a better vision and stress-free eyes.
  3. Sleep sound– Not getting an adequate sleep results in a blurry vision and aching head. This happens when your eyes get overworked. Make sure to take a sound sleep of at least 7-8 hours every day. Doing so will relax your eye muscles and improve vision.
  4. Reduce brightness level of your computer screen– Keep the brightness levels of your computer/laptop/television at appropriate levels. Neither keep it so high that your eyes get stressed looking at them continuously, nor so low that you aren’t able to see properly. It will surely help to reduce strain put on your eyes by computer screen.
  5. Keep them protected from harmful UV rays– Whenever you go out in sun, protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays by wearing sunglasses that are of good quality. Doing this will also add a new statement to your style!
  6. Wear correct glasses- Be wise when you chose to wear glasses. Wearing incorrect spectacles or those of a poor quality can in fact deteriorate your vision instead of correcting or rebuilding your eyesight.
  7. Exercise your eyes– Do regular flexibility and relaxation exercises for your eyes. You may consult your ophthalmologist to know more about exercises that your eyes need. Try not to focus your eyes on the same object or in the same direction for too long.
  8. Maintain a progress chart– Lastly but most importantly, prepare an eye chart and place it on a wall. They can found online very easily. Monitor your vision regularly with the help of this chart and keep a record of your improvements.

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