10 Signs of vitamin D Deficiency

10 Signs of vitamin D Deficiency
10 Signs of vitamin D Deficiency

Studies show that about 70% of Indians suffer from deficiency of Vitamin D, a nutrient which is extremely essential for an overall growth of humans. Vitamin D is responsible for a healthy body, strong bones, active muscles, normal working lungs, heart and brain and a robust immune system. A nutrient which is so essential can be gained only with a little effort- just exposing our body for fifteen minutes to morning sunlight. Its actually that easy! But ironically, even that appears difficult to most of the Indians.

Today’s fast-paced way of life which is full of technology and stress doesn’t allow us any time for outdoor activities, hence no or little exposure to sunlight. Entire day goes toiling in the office, and if at all we move out in sun, use of sunscreen acts as a barrier between our skin and sunlight.

Besides a proper exposure to UV rays, foods such as cereals, cheese, milk, egg yolk, fish and fish oils are also rich sources of Vitamin D. Since most of these foods are animal based, vegetarians are even more prone to risk of Vitamin D deficiency. In such cases, taking supplements becomes extremely essential. Hence knowing whether your body is lacking Vitamin D is important so that you can undergo a proper treatment. Following are the signs that will guide you as to whether you are also one of those millions drooping with lower levels of the mentioned vital nutrient:

  1. Bummed out mood – Vitamin D works in the same areas of brain that are also responsible for mood upliftment. So if someone is diagnosed with depression, or experiences frequent and/or severe mood swings, then deficiency of Vitamin D could be a reason.
  2. Weak bones – We already know that Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption in our body. So calcium and Vitamin D both together are responsible for strong bones. Inadequate quantities of Vitamin D in our body results in formation of bones that are brittle, thin or malformed Hence resorting to Vit D supplements may be required.
  3. Osteomalacia – . A person who is deficient in Vitamin D may also suffer from knee and other joint pains. Aches and pains in bones which can be termed as Osteomalacia is one of the most prominent sign of Vitamin D deficiency. So if you are suffering from pains in bones, joints and muscles for quite some time now, then its high time you consult a doctor.
  4. Unexpected and frequent fatigue – You have been eating well and sleeping well, but still you get exhausted too soon. Probably you are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. All you need to do is to take a simple Vitamin D blood test.
  5. Heavy sweating – The level of activity is same as usual but you are sweating heavily these days, especially on the forehead. It time you consider taking a Vitamin D test.
  6. Low immunity and Sensitivity to allergies – Does your body tends to catch more infections, especially during the winter? These could include upper and lower respiratory tract infections, bacteremias, pneumonia, urinary tract infections etc. If yes, then this is the right time to get Vit D levels in your body checked.
  7. Frequent and too many dental cavities – Doctors say that those who take Vitamin D supplementation suffer lesser dental cavities that those who do not. This hold true especially for children. So insufficiency of Vitamin D could result in frequent and/or multiple dental cavities.
  8. Weight gain – A sudden or even steady but unhealthy weight gain is also a sign that your body is suffering from scarcity of Vitamin D. So if this has happened to you as well, then there could be chances that you are lacking the essential nutrient we have been talking about. Also obese people are at a greater risk of Vitamin D deficiency.
  9. Restless sleep – Research reveals that those with a scarce Vitamin D in their body are usually restless at bed. They won’t be able to sleep sound and/or comfortably, atleast for the first few hours of their sleep.
  10. Constipation – Having constant bowel troubles? Your body could be lacking Vitamin D. Consult your doctor and take a blood test.

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