10 Secrets of people who stay effortlessly slim

10 Secrets of people who stay effortlessly slim
Slim and Trim body

Trust me, there are some people on this planet who never round out despite of anything and everything they do or eat. And this bothers obese people even more. While looking at naturally thin people or thinking about them, overweight people feel that such people remain slim and fit effortlessly and wonder about the secrets behind their great body.

10 Secrets of people who stay effortlessly slim
Slim and Trim Body

The fact however is that humans who seem to be keeping themselves lean simply without putting in any hard work or special attempts learn to keep their body maintained by learning, practicing and inculcating certain habits as a part of their daily routine. And these are the things that keep their body slim and trim. So while it all appears to be effortless, it might not actually be so. And this is the very secret. Or to be more precise, its just about developing some good, healthy habits as a part of your lifestyle, so that the whole process eventually becomes effortless!

Following are 10 Secrets of people who stay effortlessly slim

  1. People who stay slim effortlessly don’t rely too much on high calorie food. They avoid junk food, carbonated drinks, heavy sweets, packed food, preserved food, sweetened shakes etc. They do not consume too much of fried food, cheese etc. too. Instead they go for freshly prepared and home made food.
  2. They rely on fiber rich and water based foodsFruits, vegetables, whole grains are the foods that are low on calorie count, yet quite filling and hunger-satisfying. These are the kind of foods that are first choice of people who stay slim effortlessly.
  3. Thin people prefer to start their meal with a huge portion of soup or salad. This way, they take lesser calories in since by the time they actually start with their dinner, their stomach is almost half full. This leads them to eat less and avoid overeating. Another good way of doing this is to have a glass or two of water ten minutes before you eat.
  4. Its not that slim people carry measuring cups with them wherever they go and keep measuring their calorie count. But, they are generally habitual of being watchful of their diet. Also they eat frequently but less at a time and drink lots of fluids and water.
  5. Thin people do not believe in starving. They do not skip breakfast and other meals. Eating at the right times is important since if the intensity of hunger increases, then you tend to eat more and at times eat whatever you can find which can be quite unhealthy too.
  6. Thin people are not lazy people. While there could be some exceptions, but thin people are not lazy kind of beings. Being lazy, not exercising, sitting in a couch all day are some habits that will eventually undoubtedly lead to obesity. So if you are lazy but not fat, chances are that you will be, soon. Best way to avoid that is to get going and keep yourself active. Walking, yoga, stretching, exercising, jogging etc. are some habits that will keep you dynamic, energetic and hence slim.
  7. With time, slim people learn to make wiser choices with their lifestyle. They choose the healthiest foods when large numbers of options are available. When it comes to choosing this not that, they go for what’s good for their health and body. For instance, when they are in a situation in which they cannot avoid sweets, they would go for a rasgulla instead of a gulab jamun. You must be wondering what is the difference among the two but gulab jamun has twice as many calories as a rasgulla since it is both fried as well as sweet. They will buy a multi-grain bread, not the white one. As another example, they would take stairs for most of the time rather than depending upon lifts and escalators.
  8. Genetic factors of lean people could also be responsible for endowing them with an effortless slim body. Some people have thin parents so they inherit a fine body from them. This could also mean that parents who have an athletic body know its importance and pass them on to their children intentionally. Such children are raised in a way that keeps their body and weight maintained through life. For intstance, working out, playing sports, eating healthy, watching their diet etc. could be some habits they have learnt from their parents.
  9. Naturally thin people take early actions. They keep an eye on their weight and take steps on the occasions as soon as it starts increasing. They don’t wait for their body to become 10kgs heavier. Instead, they begin to take precautions as soon as they are a kg or two heavier than their normal weight.
  10. Last but the most important secret is that food is not the only source they associate being happy with, or infact being sad or angry or being annoyed with. Many of us, actually most of us tend to eat more to show or feel our emotions, be it of any kind. We eat more when we are happy, we eat more to overcome our sadness, we eat more when we are feeling furious. In other words, whatever be the unusual situation, we eat more to either show our delights as well as sorrows. However, thin people do not do so. They find other ways to absorb as well as express their emotions. One such good way could be listening to some nice music or going out for a walk.

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