Singh is bling – Movie Review

Singh is bling - Movie Review
Singh Is Bliing – Movie Review

Singh is bling is an comedy film directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by ashvini yardi, starring Akshay kumar, katrina kaif and Rajpal yadav in lead roles. it also marks return of Akshay kumar with director Prabhu Deva after the success of 2012 film rowdy rathore.

Singh is bling - Movie Review
Singh Is Bliing – Movie Review

The 2008 ‘Singh Is Kinng toplined the bumblesome Happy Singh who is sent out of his Punjab village to Australia to learn to do something. Seven years on, Akshay Kumar basically reprises that role in ‘Singh Is Bliing’ (double `i’, to match), only now calling himself Raftar Singh, and heading off to Goa to learn how to finish what he starts. But the template is the same: lots of inane chit-chat peppered with ‘puttarjis’, ‘pa’ajis, mummyjis, and two best friends, and an English-only-speaking `gori mem’ (Amy Jackson replacing Katrina Kaif) to address the deep `desi’ desire of possessing-and-pronging one such worthy.

Singh is bling - Movie Review
Singh Is Bliing – Movie Review

Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar) lives in Punjab’s Bassi Pathana village with his family. Our happy-go-lucky guy is the quintessential man with a golden heart. But for one big flaw: he leaves things half done. One day, tired of his antics, Raftaar’s father (Yograj Singh) gives him two options: Either marry an overweight Sweetie or shift bag and baggage to Goa to do a job. Raftaar refuses to marry Sweetie opt second option.

Meanwhile in Romania, filthy-rich businessman Kirpal (Kunal Kapoor) needs to face an adversary called Mark (Kay Kay Menon). The latter has a particularly nasty first meeting with Kirpal’s daughter Sara (Amy Jackson), and is consumed by the extra-macho lust to tame her by either marrying her or killing her. Director Prabhudheva does try to redeem himself from the ‘Mera Maal’ in Rowdy Rathore by getting Sara to kick and beat people around, but the impact doesn’t really last long. Main reason behind that: Amy Jackson‘s oh-so-pretty face doesn’t make up for her lack in acting skills.

Anyway. Once Sara realises that Mark is a threat to her very existence (he’s really powerful and all), she takes a flight to (where else) Goa to her father’s friend’s place. Raftaar is entrusted the responsibility of taking care of Sara, a task which is formidable because he cannot speak English, and she is unlearned in Hindi. A translator Emily (called Imli all through the film, played by Lara Dutta) is hired, and Raftaar ends up falling in love with Sara, quite inevitably.

As for the performances, Akshay does limited justice to his role as Raftaar. He gets his kicks and punches right, and the frequent laughs too. But we’ve seen better display of Akshay’s comic timing in the past. As for Amy Jackson, maybe it is a good thing she hasn’t got more than sign language to communicate with in the film. When she’s kicking goons and punching people in the face, Jackson is fantastic. When it comes to getting the audience to connect with her plight, Jackson fails miserably. Also, Akshay and Amy’s chemistry is as cold as dry ice.

Lara Dutta‘s comeback to the big screen is just passable. As the translator ‘Imli’, she gets her act right more or less, but doesn’t leave one with anything to remember her by. The supporting cast adds to the mayhem here. It pains to see an actor of Kay Kay Menon’s calibre wasted as the hammy, ‘I’m-too-good’ Mark.

Singh Is Bliing has absolutely no story to offer. Instead, what it has in plenty are some stale jokes and moronic background sound effects. Things go so unplanned in the film that when Prabhudheva arrives on the screen in a pissing scene, it actually works as a metaphor. Any self respecting viewer would feel the stink.

Akshay Kumar, who has a great comic timing otherwise, has been reduced to a mere loud-mouth. Most of his jokes fall flat. His dialogues are so predictable that you complete them even before he starts the sentence. Still, he is the most tolerable among all the actors, but clearly that’s not enough. Amy Jackson is just a pretty face doing rounds in bikini. It’s better to not say anything about Kay Kay and Lara Dutta. Everytime Kay Kay’s character says, ‘I am too good,’ you cringe. The role itself was badly written, and he makes it even worse. He can give newcomers a lesson in overacting. Lara Dutta would also not like to remember Singh Is Bliing for long.

  • Cast – Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Amy Jackson, Kay kay Menon, Rati Agnihotri, Yograj Singh, Pradeep Rawat, Kunal Kapoor
  • Director – Prabhu Deva
  • Producer – Ashvini Yardi
  • Rating – 2.5/5

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