10 Tips to decorate your house

10 Tips to decorate your house
Home decoration

Have you just bought a new home or it has been quite some time that you have been thinking about giving your present home a nice makeover then you have just landed at the right page. Renovating your house with new interiors does not only give it a fresh look but also infuses new energy in it.

10 Tips to decorate your house
Home decoration
10 Tips to decorate your house
Home decoration

So, here we bring for you some easy and quick tips to decorate your house and give it an all new look that you have been dreaming of.

  1. Keep it simple – Keep the decoration ideas as simple as possible. Everything from your paintings to showpieces to curtains to sofa linen should be uncomplicated. Besides giving a classy look to your house, it will also reduce the cost and effort involved in maintenance of your home décor.
  2. Play with different colors – Don’t refrain yourself from using a variety of colors. Also make sure that these colors are bright and vibrant. Use more than one or two colors in a room. You can also try different shades of a particular color in a room. Go for a combination of peach and blue for your living room. Yellow and green are just ideal for bedroom. Orange and pink will give your kid’s room a perfect look.
  3. Try wallpapers – Wallpapers are back in vogue and there are plenty of them available in the market. With numerous colors, prints and patterns, choose the one that goes with the color of your walls and furniture. They are much good-looking option as compared to simple painted walls and at the same time economical when compared to designer painted walls.
  4. Stylish bedding – Sometimes you might not want to spend the amount of money that requires a new interior. In such a situation, just changing the kind of beddings you have been using can also do wonders. You can try different colors and patterns that you haven’t used before. Also try something new with your pillow covers or cushions.
  5. Choose furniture that is stylish yet simple – When it comes to your dining table, bed, sofa, and all the other furniture in your house, choose simple designs. Simple furniture looks stylish and the best part is that it is easy to maintain.
  6. Make room for a spacious bookshelf – If you are a reading freak then everybody will suggest that a spacious bookshelf is a must for you. But I would recommend an expansive bookshelf even if you are not a consistent reader. Besides keeping all your books at one place, a nice and roomy bookshelf is of a great help in keeping your other stationery items, files, documents etc. in a systematic manner.
  7. Mix and match – Its not necessary to follow a single theme for an entire area or room. Mixing and matching stuff is the latest trend. Be it with colors, patterns, furniture or designs.
  8. Go green – If you have a garden, then paying attention to its décor is also as important as the interior of your house. While of you do not have a garden, then place a few plants in your balcony or lobby or here and there in your house. Once you have got some plants, keep watering them and retain them well since they only look good when fresh and green otherwise the entire look can appear clumsy and spoiled.
  9. Ensure proper light and ventilation – Stylish walls, elegant furniture, colorful and latest decoratives will surely give your house a nice makeover but all these will appear incomplete without a proper lighting and ventilation system. So make sure each of your room receives enough sunlight and fresh air. This will further enhance the beauty of your home décor.
  10. Stick to your budget – While I am writing this in the last but this tip is of supreme importance. Prior to starting working on the décor of your house, prepare a proper plan and budget. Pen down what kind of things you want at what place and estimate the cost of these too. While you set out for shopping, stick to your budget. If you go over-budget at a certain place then try cutting it down somewhere else.

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