Zubaan – Movie review

Zubaan - Movie review
Zubaan – Movie review

Zubaan….showcases beautifully on the silver screen “No one can saves us but ourselves”. It’s the journey of an individual who is battling with an inner demons. And how he comes out and choose the way to transform his dream into reality. Saying would not be wrong that it’s a good try to fabricate philosophical journey.

Zubaan - Movie review
Zubaan – Movie review

In this movie, you will see excellent performance of Vicky Kaushal, Maish Chaudhar, Sarah Jane Dias, Raghav Chanana and Meghna Malik. It’s directed by Mozez Singh. Here, we are going to check out why should you watch this movie and why not? Have a look.


Zubaan is all about the journey of Dilsher played by Vicky Kaushal. Dilsher is a young and dynamic person who belongs to Punjab but moved Delhi for a better life. Currently, he is living in Delhi. If look into the past of Dilsher, he is a child and loves music. But he leaves his passion since his father expired and somewhere the reason was music. And that’s why he hates music. To come over his pain, he switches to Delhi. Now, he has grown up. And one day, he gets a pen which revives all the memories. He got this pen from Gurucharan Sikand who gifted him after listening his music. He decides to go along with his dream and wish to meet GuruCharan Sikand. But GuruCharan has become a celebrity and meeting him is a tough job for Dilsher. Now, what happens next?


Viccky Kaushal played his role excellently. He got success to take his audience along with him. He performed the role of Dilsher in a great manner. On the other hand, Meghna Malik and Raghav Chanana performed well.


Music and Choreography is also good. Saying would not be wrong that Music of this movie is excellent.


  • To enjoy the performance of Vicky Kaushal, who impresses you with his acting skills. He gets into the skin of his character excellently.
  • And the music of this movie is another catching point.
  • Zubaan’s story comes with various twists which keep you engaged with this movie. You will not lose your taste in this movie. In the end of the movie, there are many factors which will compel to praise this movie.
  • It comes with emotive punch and in the last it leaves you many unanswered questions.
  • Music IS My Art in this movie like a jingle. And this movie is a great treat for the music lovers.

If you are muddling over what to watch and have a lot of time to spend then watching Zubaan will be right. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and go for a great weekend. It worth to watch with your family and friends. And after watching this movie, do not forget to share your feedbacks and comments. We love to hear you and waiting for your valuable feedback. Stay in touch for more updates.

  • Genre – Musical
  • Star Cast –Vicky Kaushal, Sarah-Jane Dias, Raghav Chanana, Manish Chaudhari, Meghna Malik
  • Director – Mozez Singh
  • Rating –  3/5

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