07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true
07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

One of the most common blunders surrounding the idea of long-term travel is that it is reserved for the rich, something that average people with normal incomes just cannot afford it. Yes, traveling can be expensive, but it is far from unattainable; like any other thing in life, if you really want it, you can make it happen. 

07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true
07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

Also, traveling is one of the perfect ways to discover yourself and explore the world around you. But I know making your ‘bucket list’ dreams come true isn’t easy. Life – and bills, and work, and all kinds of other stuff – keeps getting in the way of our traveling dreams. But if we let life getting in the way of our dreams, the day will come soon when we find ourselves looking back with deep regret at a life not lived according to our dreams and passions. So in order to help you here are the 07 Steps to Making Your Travel Dreams Come True — today!

1.Live by the Cash Rule – The cash rule is one of the most practical ways to control your spending and one I completely swear by. In the age of credit cards, online banking, and contactless payment, it’s all quite simple to turn a blind eye to where our money goes. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

  • Create a weekly budget plan and withdraw it in cash at the start of each week; physically seeing how quickly your money goes off will help you to make wiser spending choices, lessening the chances of going over-budget.
  • It’s important to be practical, but getting into a cash-only habit is a great way to assure you stay within your means. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

2.Cut Daily Costs – This very much sounds like saying the obvious, and to some extent, it is – but it’s also about understanding how much the small things add up, things that you don’t pay attention.

A few bucks for Starbucks in the morning, five bucks for lunch there – it doesn’t seem like much, but what does that average to over the month? 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

  • Stopping yourself from takeout food and drinks is one of the greatest money savers, so bring your coffee and pack homemade sandwiches or leftovers for lunch. It does demand a little more time, but if you’re serious about your traveling, then savings are well worth it. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

3.Rejig Your Social Life – Saving money for your traveling dream does not mean foregoing a social life, but it may need you to cut back on fancy dinners and all those fancy nightlife parties.

  • Commit to staying indoor for two weekends a month and the savings will soon rack up; game nights and be hosting dinner parties are just some of the ways you can still be sociable without spending excessively over the budget. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

4.Open a Dedicated Savings Account – If you are serious about your effort to save move for your travels directly and methodically, instead of going on our trip with whatever is in your bank account, this is an important step. In most cases, the cost to set up an account is zero, find some time and open a dedicated savings account.

  • If you choose this route, make sure you do not face any minimum balance fines when throughout start to use and blow down the money you’ve saved. It may also be beneficial to have ATM and online access control to the account, which will let you draw and transfer the money directly from the account when booking your flights; this keeps you from admixing your regular accounts with your travel money, ensuring that the money you set aside for the trip is the money you actually spend. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true
  • Using a separate, dedicated travel account will also help you keep on the budget throughout your trip, as the simplest way to know how much you are spending is to know the balance of your particular travel account. You can keep an eye on your balance as your trip proceeds, and track the actual cost of your trip without too much effort. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

5.Then Set Up Automatic TransferOnce you set up a dedicated account, all you need to do is fill it up. If you don’t trust yourself or family members to do so, set up a pre-programmed automatic transfer at a fixed interval to do it for you. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

  • This is simple to set up and can really add up over time. A simple transfer of $20rs/week (approx $3/day) adds up to a tidy $1040 by the end of a year. Within a couple of years, you successfully saved enough for a moderately awesome trip. Once the transfers start happening you won’t even notice the transfer of money, and your dream trip gets closer and closer to actually happening.
  • 2 years! That’s a long time to wait! I know you must be thinking its a long wait. Well, if you don’t set up a dedicated fund for your travel dreams, then you may be waiting a whole lot longer.

6.Raise Extra Funds – When it comes to saving for travel fund, the only thing better than saving money in your account is making it. Working two jobs can be troublesome, to say the least, but there are other methods to maximize your income without working all the hours under the sun. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true

  • The web provides plenty of chances for making extra cash, be it through selling your old stuff on eBay or starting your own side project. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true
  • If you have a skill or service to offer, starting your own online web store can be as easy as starting up your own website, this is something you could even continue whilst traveling.

7.Keep Your Eyes on the Prize – The most major thing when it comes to saving is staying focused. Remembering why you’re saving back will keep you motivated to save more, so inundate yourself with inspiration: photos of your dream travel destination, travel plans and lists of all the things you’re going to do once you get there.

Keeping sight of the larger picture will make it easier to miss out on those everyday leisure, and your travel savings will slowly but surely grow. 07 Steps to making your travel dreams come true
So, what are you thinking now? If you love travelling but have not embarked on a wonderful journey yet, the time has come up to make it true. We are sure that these ideas will help you.
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