7 Reason to go Indonesia

7 Reason to go Indonesia

When it comes to visit the lovely place hold vibes to enthrall you within no time, Indonesia is a perfect place to go. This is a lovely country and worth to get visited. If you have been contemplating that should you go for it then you must go through the content in order to accumulate required  information. Let’s check it out more about it. 

7 Reason to go Indonesia
Stairs to Pura Besakih Hindu temple

A Bit About Indonesia – Indonesia is very extensive, beautiful and lively place. There are more than 1750 islands which can be visited, so just pick your favorite and land up in Indonesia. The best thing is that this country is the 4th most populous country in the world. Having more than 17,000 islands makes the most loving city.

Do you know what’s the first thing comes in mind when we think about Indonesia? It is Bali. This is quite beautiful in its way. In short, it can be said that Indonesia is a great place to go. It will bring a great smile on your face if you are going with family. Here, we are going to mention why you should head to this place. 7 Reason to go Indonesia

The Best 7 Reason to go Indonesia

The following are seven reasons why you should visit Indonesia at least once a lifetime. Let’s check it out in a discreet manner 7 Reason to go Indonesia

1.World Best Diving:-  Indonesia offers a pool of diving hub. The most famous is the Coral Triangle, it is a part of the Pacific Ocean which incorporates Aqua around Indonesia, the Philippines, Timor Leste, Solomon Islands, and Malaysia. If you want to enjoy it fully then hire a power boat or cruising sailboats which can be easily availed nearby the Raja Ampat Islands located in Indonesia’s West Papua region. You can find maximum coral species and more than 1500 breeds of reef fish. For the nature lovers there is a great YES to go. You must not skip it at any rate as it will add a wide chuck to your enjoyment. 7 Reason to go Indonesia

2.Biggest Temples And Landscape Of Java:-Indonesia is well known for its islands with a huge population of more than 140 million inhabitants.  Yet, Java is spectacular in itself. The world’s largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur with its crisis- cross stupas across the rice plots. This place is mostly crowded, so if you want to visit less crowded places, they are- Mendut, Kalasan, Pawon and Plaosan Lor who bestows peace and calmness to the soul. You can also visit numerous volcanoes namely- Merapi and Bromo. For the spiritual people, it will be a memorable trip since they will come across the great thing. 7 Reason to go Indonesia

3.Biggest National Park Of South-East Asia:-Lorentz, is a Unesco World Heritage area situated on the islands of Papua. Here, you must go with your family and kids to have a great time together watching the natural beauty. Let’s know what you will find here. 7 Reason to go Indonesia

  • It is huge as it covers 9,674 square miles and is the domicile to numerous ecosystems which comprises of equatorial glaciers, mangroves, and alpine tundra.
  • The tallest mountain between the Andes and Himalayas is the Puncak Jaya, it is also the highest peak.
  • There are 630 species of bird and 123 species of mammals, maximum of these are originally belonging to this region. 7 Reason to go Indonesia

4.Known As The ‘Paris Of The East’:-Paris of the East’ is been titled to many places which include Bandung situated on the island of Java. This place is blessed with pleasant and cool climate, which makes it a weekend holiday destination for Jakarta. When there is a great climate to call you, who will deny to go out.

5.Pocket – Friendly:-And the most important thing is that it is pocket friendly. To put in simple words, it will not put burden on your pocket. Among all the popular and loved island destinations, Indonesia offers a pocket- friendly tour for single or family. You can visit this place comfortably with fewer funds. Even the food and drinks at the beaches or the restaurants are cheaper but best quality assured. 7 Reason to go Indonesia

6.Unexplored Beautiful Destination– Lombok:-Maximum tourists visit Bali to experience the beautiful island. But hardly anyone is aware of Lombok, which is s serene island located just 30 miles away from Bali.

  • Lombok is well known for its wonderful beaches, high peaked mountains.  This one is completely a stress buster and make you get oozed with great feelings.
  • One can also visit another nearby islands – Gili, which is surrounded by coral reefs, near Lombok.
  • In short, if you are looking for a place especially getting oozed with incredible natural beauty, this one is just incredible. You must not forget it to mention to your list.

7.Bali – And here we are going to reveal the most prominent reasons people love to head Indonesia. And it is Bali. Yeah….This place needs no introduction but even then we are going to explain a bit if you do not know much about it. 7 Reason to go Indonesia

  • It is the most loved island, there are huge numbers of tourists who love to visit Bali, known as the Paradise of the island. It is blessed with incredible beauty to make you feel good.
  • This place has the best restaurants, bars, and clubs which serves delicious food and refreshments.  It means you can go for organizing great parties if you want. 7 Reason to go Indonesia
  • There are musical and dance shows and numerous galleries which sell paintings, clothes, sculpture, and silverware. You must be part of them in order to come across the culture in a great manner.
  • Bali Barat National Park is a house for deer macaque and boar. And there is a big YES to go. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to head Indonesia in order to get oozed with great feelings. Yes…this visiting will take your stress away within no time. The important thing is that you will never forgot this trip as it will become memorable to you.

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