Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh

Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh
Araku valley

Andhra Pradesh offers the traveler a varied and scenic vacation. With its wondrous places and hills and valleys, the state is the perfect getaway. The Araku Valley is a hill station in Vishakhapatnam. If you have packed you bag, then you must also accumulate some information regarding it. Here, we are going to put light in a right way. Take a look-
The Prominent 4 Reasons Answering “Why Should You Visit Araku?”

Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh

Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh
Araku valley
  • Araku offers the locals of Andhra Pradesh a nice vacation that is also compared to Ooty.
  • The hills of Araku give you a perfect outing with great climate and wonderful scenery.
  • This fantastic locale is on the Eastern Ghats with an altitude of about 1400 meters above the sea level.
  • The lush greenery and wonderful climate of Araku is what welcomes all to this majestically beautiful place.

The Prominent 10 Most Popular Places  –  You will be mesmerized by the sheer beauty and places to visit here. Among the interesting 10 places to see in Araku are the Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh

  • Borra caves – You must go here if wish to see something amazing.
  • Tribal Museum -Head this museum to increase your information.
  • Padmapuram Botanical Gardens – An ideal place to explore the beauty.
  • Tyda – Do not skip it at any rate otherwise you will skip a wide chunk of entertainment.
  • Katiki falls – Experience the beauty of nature.
  • Araku Tribal Museum
  • Anantagiri Reserved Forest – ideal place to go with family and friends.
  • Sunkarimetta Reserved Forest – will surely make you cool.
  • Chaparai Waterfalls – To enjoy the nature
  • Bheemili Beach – Have strolling with your loved one.

What Makes Araku Valley Different From Others

Every year a number of people come here to have a lot of fun with their family and friends. And the thing that makes crazy them is all about Coffee plantations. Each of these majestic places is a place of beauty. Don’t forget to see the many coffee plantations that are around the place. This gives you an insight into the coffee production and packaging. It is also beneficial for kids to gather information regarding the coffee growth since it enhances their practical knowledge. Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh

What About Other Major Attraction

  • Apart from the coffee plantation, there are a number of things to say YES to Araku Valley. Let’s have a look at these points. Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh
  • The famous coffee plantations are situated on the Anantagiri hills which is on the way to Araku Valley.
  • Apart from coffee, you can also savor the beauty of the lovely orchards here.
  • For the adventure lovers, there are many trails that are best for trekking. Many of the trekking trails are through the dense forests. And you can imagine how it would be fun to go there.
  • If you are the adventurous kind then don’t fret as there are difficult treks through the forest that lead to streams and give you a breathtaking view. Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh
  • The waterfalls here, especially the Katiki waterfall is perfect for memorable pictures.

A Bit About Araku Tribal Museum

Yes, if you wish to know this value in a discreet manner, Araku Tribal Museum is the best. It is a kind of big platform which holds power to show you a rich tribal display and the vast numbers of artifacts that are displayed here are all related to Eastern Ghat Tribal Culture. Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh

You can also get to watch the tribals dance. If you head this valley, do not forget to go for seeing the folk dance. They have some folk dances like Dhimsa and even Mayuri which is very elegant.

And The Breathtaking Forests and mountains

Do you love exploring the forest and mountains, you are at the best place. It will surely be a treat to you stepping to this valley. The Araku valley has many a hidden treasure in its store. Keep a day aside for the wonderful Anantagiri and Sunkarimetta Reserved Forest. Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh

These forest Reserves give you the chance to get back in nature and feel the quiet and tranquil air around. You can get your kids to know about the various flora and fauna. It is an ideal place to visit with family and friends.

Araku is also surrounded by mountains like Chitamogondi, Galikonda, Raktakonda and Sunkarimetta. Near Araku you will also find the tallest peak in the Eastern Ghats which is Jindhagada Peak.

A Bit About The Weather In Araku Valley

You can visit this magnificent valley anytime since it holds pleasant weather throughout the year. Araku is much cooler than Visakhapatnam but the summer months can still be hot with temperature going up to 42 degrees in May. Winters are beautiful with temperatures in the range of 14-15 degrees. You will also find rain during the months of October – November. The best time to be here is September to May.

How to reach Araku

By Train, Road or Air since these all three options are available. You can choose the right one according to your needs and requirements. Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh

  • By  Road – It is 106KM from Visakhapatnam any you may go by road it suits you.
  • By Train – The main station is Visakhapatnam. Saying would not wrong that it is an ideal way to reach as it passes through tunnels, bridges and majestic landscapes. And you can imagine how it can make your journey beautiful. Araku valley best hill station in Andhra Pradesh
  • By Air –The nearest airport is Visakhapatnam and you can also choose it this mode   if it is convenient to you.

Choose Araku as you travel destination this holiday and enjoy this charm of a nature destination with your family. This is one stop destination that is perfect for adults and kids as well as there is something to keep everyone happy.

And if you have already visited then do not forget to share your views and feedback with us. Stay connected with Jiyo Pal Pal to have latest updates…
Have A Happy Journey…Stay Safe and Happy…

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