Baaghi – Movie Review

Baaghi - Movie Review
Baaghi – Movie Review

There is a great news for the fan of Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff as they both are coming together in Baaghi. This movie has got released and got mixed reviews from the movie goers, fan and critics. It is essential to mention that this movie is for you if you are die-hard fan of action, Shraddha or Tiger. Here, we are analyzing the story in a discreet manner. Let’s check it out. Baaghi – Movie Review

Baaghi – Movie Review

Baaghi - Movie Review
Baaghi – Movie Review

Story Of Baaghi

Tiger Shroff as Ronny in this movie is a rebel. Actually, his father sends him off to Kerala in order to learn martial arts at his friend’s academy. Ronny meets Sia played by Shraddha Kapoor. They both spend quality time with each-other and fall in love. But the problem is that Raghav also loves Sia and it does not seem easy to both of her together. How they unite? It will be cleared when you see the movie.

Let’s Churn Out The Script To Know What Is New In It

The much awaited movie of Tiger Shroff has got released and needless to say that it took almost 2 years to make an entry at silver screen. So, what Tiger did exactly in this vacation? If he was looking for a greater script? If the answer is in affirmative then there is nothing new or great in the script of Baaghi. Baaghi neither can be said romantic nor action as it is the fusion of both. But even then you can’t call it romantic action drama as you watch merely action without having drama. Baaghi feels difficult to pamper both romance and action at the same time. You will hear TU BOHOT AAGE JAYEGA by Shraddha in this movie and it may make you bore. I wish if this thing also belong to the story of this movie. Baaghi is all about the action scenes without having a story.

What Is All About The Star Performance In Baaghi 

  • Tiger Shroff :- Those who are looking for great performance of Tiger Shroff in Baaghi have to get disappointed since your favourite start comes with de-grades performance. And you will analyse that he was much better in his previous movie with Kriti Senon in Heropanti. The thing which tease is his weak grip over the emotional scenes.
  • Shudheer Babu: – Apart from his acting, the drool worthy abs will take your heart away.
  • Sunil Grover: – As a Sia’s father, he did a great job. But in the second half, his character was forgotten by the writers.
  • Shraddha Kapoor: – In many scenes, Shraddha Kapoor delivers dialogues as same as in Ek Villain and creates an illusion if you are watching Ek Villain? After seeing the movie, it can be said that she can do more in this movie.

And The Direction Of The Movie

  • Baaghi can be a great film if the right balance between romance and action could maintained.
  • Cinematography of this movie is cool and will not let you down.
  • And when it comes about Music, it is ok. Not too much good or bad.
    Have a Happy Movie Time…
  • Genre – Action Romance
  • Star Cast – Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, Sudheer Babu, Sunil Grover, Sanjay Mishra, Master Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj
  • Director – Sabbir Khan
  • Rating –  2.5/5

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