Budha In Traffic Jam – Movie Review

Budha In Traffic Jam - Movie Review
Budha In Traffic Jam – Movie Review

Anupam Kher has already grabbed a wide attention through emphasizing his concerned over many social issues. And he might be seriously engaged to put a light over social as his recently released movie explored the same. In this movie, the audience will see Anupam as a professor of a renowned college.Budha In Traffic Jam – Movie Review

Budha In Traffic Jam - Movie Review
Budha In Traffic Jam – Movie Review

In this blog, we are going to what is all about this movie. It is essential to mention that Buddha In Traffic Jam is a good attempt but you will feel as someone is telling you a story. Instead of making you feel that you are watching a movie, it realises you as you are reading a book.

The Story Of Budha In Traffic Jam

The role of Vikram Pandit is being played by Arunoday Singh, who is an MBA student. In this top notch business school, there is a professor namely Rakesh Batki, the role is played by Anupam Kher. After assuming the skills of Vikram, Professor Rakesh Batki share a secret file with Vikram namely Buddha In Traffic Jam. After reading this, Vikram becomes very curious and wish to bring prominent changes in the society. What kind of changes he wishes to bring? If his life in danger? To know what happens next, you need to watch this movie.

Let’s Check Out The Minus Point In Script

This movie revolves around issues and one of the most prominent is socialism vs capitalism. Being a writer and director, Vivek Agnihotri try his best but even many things get slipped from his hand. There was a great need to do work over dialogue. In this movie, you can see protagonist saying silliest dialogue “A sexy woman has no substance and a woman with substance are rarely sexy and if you are looking for both then they are married women”.

Let’s Shed Light Over The Star Performances

  • Arunoday Singh:- He looks best in his role as played outstandingly. You must not miss to watch his extraordinary performance.
  • Anupam Kher :- In this movie, Anupam Kher tried to give his best but even then there are some points where he mistakes.
  • Mahie Gill: – She comes in this movie to add glamour. Instead of doing acting, she is seen flaunting cleavage.

Music And Editing Of This Movie

  • Music of The Movie: – Needless to say that the music of this movie is contemporary and adds value to it.
  • Editing: – Though the film is good, but in a couple of scenes, editing has not been done as it expected.

Why To Watch

  • If you are a great fan of Anupam Kher and wish to watch him playing a serious role after A WEDNESDAY then you must go for it.
  • This movie is must-watch for them who hold interest in watching issues-based movie. In this movie, a number of issues have been raised right from capitalism, naxal etc.,

So, we have explored about you all about this movie and rest is up to you if you wish to step into the college. And yes!!! Do not forget to share your feedback with us after watching this movie.

  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Arunoday Singh, Anupam Kher, Mahie Gill, Pallavi Joshi
  • Director – Vivek Agnihotrii
  • Rating –  2/5

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