Fan – Movie Review

Fan - Movie Review
Fan Movie

“Wo Sirf Star Nahi, Duniya Hai Meri” – No one can understand it better than a crazy FAN….. But what if the love of FAN turns into HATE…..How a fan creates trouble in the life of his superstar…Fan – Movie Review

YeS!!! FAN is all about this…

SRK’s first movie of 2016, FAN has already earned a lot of publicity before gets released. This Friday it hit the floor and has made a great buzz among movie goers. Not only FAN of SRK but those who are not, accepted he did mind-blowing acting. Be it Gaurav or Aryan, SRK did justice with both of them.

Let’s narrow down all the factors which script what is Good and Bad in the movie.

No Doubt Story Is Good

Yes!!! After watching this movie you will day the same. We all know Shahrukh is portraying a double role in the movie as a superstar and his fan both. The movie revolves around Gourav who lives in Delhi. He is engaged with his business of cyber café. He is a crazy fan of superstar Aryan Khanna. Since he is quite crazy about Aryan, he decides to showcase his madness and head to Mumbai. What everything as per his expectations do not go in Mumbai and he started to hate his superstars. To know what occurred with him which make him to hate his superstar, you have to head theatre.

The 6 Prominent Factors Which Make To Give A Thumb Up To FAN

  1. Manish Sharma is Again with His Unique Idea: – We have already seen his creativity in the previous movie like Band Baja Barat, Richky Behal etc. Now he comes with FAN. Needless to say trailer has already shown it is a different kind of movie. And the audience will find something unique.
  2. SRK as a Superstar and his own FAN both: – Hat’s off to SRK who play both roles excellently. Well, he played the role of Gaurav excellently in comparison of Aryan. SRK as Gaurav will leave you speechless and make you think if he really SRK.
  3. Brittle Dynamics Between Superstar and FAN:- This movie serves something unique as it is going to showcase the brittle dynamics between superstar and Fan. If you wish to see how the craziness of a fan turns into hate, you must go ahead.
  4. First Half is mind-blowing:- Yes!!! The film entertains you from starting as first half is good.
  5. Excellent Cinematography: – Though there are many points where the speed gets slow but the excellent cinematography keeps you engaged with it.
  6. Breathtaking locations: – It has worked over locations as they hold magic to keep you engage.

The 3 Points Which Disappoint

  1. The second half of the movie can be greater but actually it is not.
  2. In the last, many incidents happens which tough to understand. They do not correlate to each-other.
  3. Some of you would not love to digest this kind relationship between Superstar and FAN.

If you ignore the above mentioned 3 points, then there is no reason to ignore FAN.

Have a Happy Movie Time…

And yes!!! Do not become a FAN like Gaurav….

  • Genre – Thriller
  • Star Cast – Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Amin, Yogendra Tiku, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Waluscha de Sousa, Sayani Gupta
  • Director – Maneesh Sharma
  • Rating –  3.5/5

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