05 things you know before dating lawyer

05 things you know before dating lawyer
05 things you know before dating lawyer

“Love is blind” , its a very common phrase used in love. When people fall in love they never give a second thought about the person they are falling for. They just feel lost in love and could not control their feelings for that special one in their life.  At that time one don’t even think or it doesn’t actually matter what their partner profession is. But think a bit falling for a lawyer is little bit different, isn’t it. 05 things you know before dating lawyer

As everyone knows beside from their knowledge regarding every law, rules and regulations, there are so much other facts also that can be hard or easy to handle. It all depends upon you. Things such as they like only hard facts to their bargaining capabilities, they are expert in almost everything. Also, You can never even expect to win any argument with them. 05 things you know before dating lawyer

05 things you know before dating lawyer

  • You will became Showstopper – The dressing sense of lawyers is a complete different package from your one. You will get the benefit that your lawyer partner will transform your dressing style according to his/her classy taste and make you a show stealer among your friends. Your friends also will start treating you special after knowing that you are dating a lawyer. Plus as he/ she earns much, you will enjoy a luxurious life.
  • Party Owls – Lawyers party too much and too hard , their profession makes them to do so. As they work very hard, they likes to party and enjoy in their free timing (which is quite less). Also they need to meet clients and all which also offers them to the parties, so they have to deal with them all. Lawyer’s are also caffeinaholic persons. They work during night, do they case studies late night, thus to keep them self in pace they used to drink too much coffee and hard drinks. 05 things you know before dating lawyer
  • Love Commitment – Lawyers love commitment. Once they fall in any relationship, they took them with full commitment and give their 100% in the relation. They think much different from other professional peoples. You have to work very hard to match their thinking and treating them as their way.
  • Legal Benefits – They know how,where, and when to use any law and legal activity. You can always be proud of them for this. This will make you fall more for them.  Also they can lie to anyone even too you and can prove themselves right with full confidence. So keep a track on them for your ensuring. You will also had a big disadvantage, that is you can never do them same. You can never lie to them, as you will get caught very easily. Remember lawyer’s are very smart. 05 things you know before dating lawyer
  • Busy Life – For them, work will come first and you will be second priority. So be ready to face such little things like canceled plans minute before the planned time, spending most of the time alone. Their weekends are also full of professional plans and works. 05 things you know before dating lawyer

So be very choosy before dating any lawyer. It will have both advantages as well as disadvantages with it.

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