10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back

10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back

Exercise is one of the most important parts of our daily routine. In order to stay fit and fine, we all do it. There are end numbers of benefits of doing it on the regular basis. It keeps your body and mind healthy. They have proven to be beneficial in maintaining fitness and health. Nobody can deny the old saying, ‘Health is wealth’. Unless and until we are not well then how can we use the wealth which we have earned? So, to live a balanced and happy life, do take care of your well-being too. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back

10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back

10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back

Just doing exercise is not enough because if you are not doing it in the right way then it can harm you and your body. So, while exercising makes sure that you perform it in the correct way. All those who suffer from back pain should avoid taking stress on the back. This problem is very common these days; every second person is suffering from it. Never ever perform such exercises about which you are not sure as it may cause serious health related problems.

We have covered 10 exercises in this article which can hurt your back: 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back

  1. Avoid Anti-Rotation Press:- The anti-rotation press tests your ability of maintaining a neutral spine when an outside force tries to pull you. This movement can be the topmost contributing factor to your back pain and stress in movement. While doing this, make sure that instead of hurting yourself try to contract the abdominals so that you can feel the tension in your abs. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
  2. Toe Touching:- As we all know that exercises are good for health but not all of them are good when it comes to your back pain. When you start doing this, you encounter acute pain but it is fine as muscles become stronger this way. But if you notice that the pain is not mild and lasts for more than 15 minutes then, you should stop touching your toes as this may worsen the pain. While performing this, always put more stress on the disks and ligaments. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
  3. Say No to Leg Lifts:- They help in strengthening your abdominal muscles. If you are having acute back pain and you perform this squat then this can be the reason of your increased pain. To get rid of it, perform this by lying on your back with one leg bent at the knee and other one kept straight. Your lower back should be completely touching the floor. Slowly and gradually lift the straight leg up to 6 inches, hold for some time and repeat again. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
  4. Plank: – The bad form even ruins the best exercise. This is done to activate the core which protects your back from pain. However, it can lead to it when you let your hips to rotate round. In this position, spine gets hyperextended and the risk of injury is greatly increased. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
  5. Glute Bridge:This is known for easing back pain but if performed in a wrong way then ends up causing one. This occurs when you carelessly lift your hips without putting focus on the core and glute muscles of the body. Instead of this, lie on your back with bent knees so that your heels are a few inches away from the hips. Make sure that your core muscles are engaged and helping you drive through the heels as you slowly contracts glutes to lift your hips up. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
  6. Push Ups:- It is the energetic plank. Common exercise performed by almost everyone. This causes pain in the back when you let you lower back to form an arch. Rather than this try to pause at both the levels top and bottom and rely more on the correct position to decrease the potential of injuries.
  7. Superman: – Performing an exercising in a wrong way, does more harm than good. This is designed for strengthening the back but when done in a wrong way, it introduces your back with a pain. The mistake we all do while performing this is that we lie on our stomach and reach our hands and feet towards the ceiling, this way we end up putting stress on spine which results in hyperextension. So, instead of it perform a plank in a right and correct manner. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
  8. Sled Push:- This is one of the great pushups for the full-body conditioning as it lays less stress on the body. This is an isometric exercise which helps you in getting rid of eccentric motion like actively lowering or lengthening. While doing this, if you allow your hips to shift from side to side or you let your lower back to form an arch then the risk of back injuries is highly increased. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
  9. Pull Ups: – We often assume that this has nothing to do with the back pain but we are mistaken. If you overextend your back while doing this then you may have to tolerate pain in your back. In order to prevent yourself, knees should be brought slightly in front of the hips while doing a pull up. This helps in reducing the extension force applied on your lower back. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back
  10. Battle Ropes:- If this is performed with improper training then it can cause serious health issues and injuries. While performing this make sure that you lift your motion to your trunk as when the motion is there in excess then the back is likely to suffer. 10 Exercises that Can Hurt your Back

Whenever you feel like resting, think twice as moving your body is always good for your health. Exercises should be added to the daily routine to strengthen muscles, heart and various other parts of the body. If these body parts stop functioning properly then this life will become one big hell. We do not care much about our health as we are always busy earning our livings. But this is something which should not be avoided by any of us as health comes first. Nothing else matter when you are sick so, to enjoy life stay healthy, fit and fine.

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