10 Fitness Tips for Women

10 Fitness Tips for Women

A great body is a desire of every woman on the planet. Looking slim, fit, young and staying healthy as well as energetic is what we call a great body. There are numerous ways to achieving a nice figure. But only following the right steps would yield quicker results and may be with a lesser effort.

10 Fitness Tips for Women
Fitness Tips

So hard work is definitely important for all those trying to get in a good shape, some amount of smart work also needs to be done. There are a few things that if you adhere to strictly will help you accomplish your mission but at the same time, there are also some ways that should not be adopted at all. So here are the ten best and most important fitness tips for women:

10 Fitness Tips for Women

  1. Associate to a goal – Most successful fitness stories begin in this way and most women love this idea a lot. Relate your fitness targets to some future goal. Tell yourself how fit you want to look on lets say your next vacation or your next birthday/anniversary or upcoming wedding of a friend or family member. You could also think of fitting yourself into a particular dress till a point of time.
  2. Never ever skip your most important meal – Till now you must have always heard and read that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Undoubtedly it is! But right now we are talking about meal after you have worked out. In order to recover your muscles, provide fresh energy to your body and build up a lean body, taking a post- workout nourishment is extremely necessary. Do it within 30 minutes of completing your session.
  3. Eat several times a day – Instead of taking three big meals everday, better go for five to six smaller meals. Three of them being breakfast, lunch and dinner and remaining two to three mid-meal snacks. This will help your digestion, stabilize blood sugar levels and also keep food cravings under control. Eating in this manner will keep you away from unhealthy snacking and junk food temptations. Go for snacks that have a lesser calorie count.
  4. Follow a combination of exercise – Doing only one type of exercise each day won’t help you tone your entire body. So you need to go for a combination which should include at least two to three out of types of exercises. You could try a set of movements that help your endurance, strength and flexibility. Just focusing on one type of work-out doesn’t give you an over-all fit shape. Work your body out from every angle- upward, downward, forward, backward and lateral motions. And keep increasing the volume and intensity of your workout steadily.
  5. Increase your protein intake – A protein rich diet is a must for all those working on their body shape. Proteins contain amino acids which help your muscles recover after you have done an intense workout. In fact, you need to create a healthy balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats content of every meal and snacks you take.
  6. Completely avoid artificial sugar – Yes! So that means a complete no to sweets, shakes, candies, chocolates, packed juices and everything else that contains artificial sugars and sweeteners. So next time when you feel thirsty while shopping on a sunny day or any other time, drink some water instead of grabbing a soda bottle. If you want to have juice, go for fresh juice instead of packed one. If you are having cravings for coffee then go for black one or just a cup of green tea.
  7. Follow the exercise pattern precisely – Being able to do too many push-ups in a single minute is neither important and nor is it going to help unless you do every bit of it in the way it should be done. So follow the exact form of the exercise in order to derive maximum benefits out of your efforts. So first correct your technique and thereafter improve your speed.
  8. Jump the rope – Sounds childish? Something you actually did while as a kid! But trust me it is the most economical fitness training equipment- a skipping rope is also the best exercise you must do every day to get a lean and fit body. It burns lots of calories, improve your cardio health and tone your muscles all the same time.
  9. Strength training is for women too – Yes! And it is an amazing way to shed fat, get into shape and tone your muscles. Start with about five kgs, and keep increasing the weights by a kilo or a kilo and a half every week. You will experience noticeable changes within a few weeks.
  10. Meditate – Now this is something we usually don’t associate our fitness trainings with! But we should actually be doing that. And being too busy to be doing that is no good excuse. The results will be self-explanatory once you do it for a few weeks. You will experience a complete changeover and refreshment if you add a session a meditation to your daily routine. Just sit on a clean, calm and a soothing place and deep breath for ten to fifteen minutes. Doing this will take your energy levels to new heights and you will feel much more energetic before and after your gym-sessions.

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