10 Symptoms of Heart Attack in women


10 Symptoms of Heart Attack in women

10 Symptoms of Heart Attack in women
Heart Attack in women

Whether you are a working woman or a housewife, we all have a tendency to give importance to the health of our family members. In between all this, we compromise with our health. You have to understand that you must pay attention over your health too. Not only taking care of your diet, but having knowledge of the symptoms of the major diseases is also quite important.

10 Symptoms of Heart Attack in women
Heart attack

In past years, the cases of heart attack in women have raised on a big scale. This line may disturb you a lot, but you must catch the next point that how you come to know about the early sign of heart attack in women. If you follow them before turning into a major issue, you can safe your precious life.

Since you are our reader and we have a responsibility towards you, this blog is dedicated to all the women readers. We always wish to see you healthy and happy. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a step towards a happy life.

The 10 Symptoms of Heart Attack in women have been explored below.


  • If you have been experiencing a sense of crushing fatigue for the last many days, months or days, it can be a signal indicating towards heart trouble.
  • As per the reports, more than 70 percent of women felt extreme fatigue in the weeks or months before having a heart attack.
  • Though it is not essential that it can because of heart trouble only, it can be occurred due to other reasons as well.
    But if you have experienced it, makes a visit to your doctor to know the reason behind it?


  • Because of changes in the heart, it leads towards decreasing of oxygen level.
  • Anxiety and sleep problems can be experienced especially by them who have had a heart attack.
  • If you experience the same, then do not avoid it as it can be another way of the body giving you a hint towards something is not right.
  • But it can also happen if you have a habit to churn a lot any issue. Keep yourself away from too-much-thinking. Try to keep always happy.


  • Ask the same question to yourself? Chest pain is one of the major signs of heart attack.
  • Not only this, but if you also feel pain in your shoulder, jaw pain or neck.
  • Actually damaged heart tissue send pain signals.
  • This pain can travel from your neck, jaw, ear to shoulder.

But arm, shoulder and neck can also occur, if you do physical activities like dancing, swimming, jumping, etc. Make sure if the pain associate to your physical activities or not. We have mentioned about these pains as it can be happened if you are not indulged with physical activities.


  • Can you take a deep breath without any problem? If yes!!! Then it is good.
  • But if you are feeling problem during deep breathing, then you must head to the doctor.
  • Shortness of Breath can occur due to little oxygen circulating in your blood as your heart is going through weakness.
  • Shortness of breath does not only indicating towards heart, but lung disease as well.
    Sometimes shortness of breath can also happen because of suffocation and thinking-too-much over any issue. But there is nothing like this and you are facing the problem, you need to consult with a doctor.


  • Having excessive of sweating is another reason showing towards a heart oriented problem.
  • Unusual sweating also belongs to lung disease like Tuberculosis.


  • Yes!!! If you experienced it, then you must consult your doctor without taking too much time. It can be felt by weeks or months before the heart attack.
  • There are many women who experienced it before the heart attack.


  • It is one of the most common signs help you there is something wrong with your heart or lung.
  • Because of blocked artery, you will feel pain or pressure in your chest.
  • Different people who felt it shared different type of experience.
  • Some of them say that it is make you feel as same as an elephant is sitting on their chest while some felt pinching or burning inside.


  • It sounds not a big issue. But it is also counted as a symptom of heart attack.
  • Apart from it, you may feel to vomit.
  • But that does not mean it is caused only because of an unhealthy heart. Stomach pain can be occurred for various reasons too.


If you feel anxiety without any reason and which come and go frequently, it leads to mood changes. And this factor also shows if your heart is not working well.


  • If you feel quite tired as same as having the flu, it also not a good sign. It can also be a signal towards a problem with your heart.
  • Do not you feel sleepy or try to sleep, but it does not come. It is called sleep disturbance. It is also considered an early warning sign of Heart attack in women.

If you have been experience any of the above mentioned symptoms but ignored, then it is the right time to consult your doctor first. You must schedule a visit to your doctor without wasting a moment.

We also request to our responsible readers who hold precious knowledge regarding symptoms of heart attack in women, please share your valuable knowledge with us. It can be quite helpful for others who have been struggling with the unhealthy heart.

We also wish you to lead towards a happy and healthy life and it can happen if you take care your health.
Do not forget to share your views with us… we have been waiting here…
Till then… Take Care Of Yourself… ……………….And Stay Tuned with Jiyo Pal Pal for latest updates…

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