10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer

10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer
Jaisalmer fort

Are you planning for vacation in India? What you think about Jaisalmer? Jaisalmer is famous for its colorful peoples, barren fields and magnificent architecture. It is also known as Golden city. There are many things in Jaisalmer that makes your journey memorable. 10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer

10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer

Sand Sunes in Jaisalmer
Sand Sunes in Jaisalmer

You can also go for adventure package in Jaisalmer that includes ATV ride, camel safari, jeep safari and many more. The best time to visit Jaisalmer is between Octobers to February, we suggest you not to miss this place at any cost. We are going to give 10 reasons to visit Jaisalmer, we hope these reasons inspires you to visit soon.

  • To Explore Culture And Beauty Of City – Amar Sagar Lake, Jain Temples, Badal Mahal, Puppet shows etc. are the main attraction of Jaisalmer. You can easily observe local sitting under tree singing beautiful cultural melodies with small instrument Sarangi. To understand the local culture more you can walk down in narrow streets of Jaisalmer. You will love the local culture. Museums and Havelies are best to explore the rich history of Jaisalmer. 10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer
  • Gadisagar Lake’s Sunset Boat Ride – If you want to make your evening memorable in Jaisalmer than you can go boat ride on Gadisagar lake. Ride of paddle boat for one person cost around 50 rupees for an hour. Gadisagar lake is man-made lake for conserving rainwater made around 1400 A.D. To enjoy the sight of temples and shrines surrounding the lake reach there before sunset. If your luck is in your favor, then you will get chance to see some beautiful migratory birds. 10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer
  • Enjoy Adventure Of Camel Ride – If didn’t ride camel in Jaisalmer than your trip is incomplete. Camel ride is one of things that you enjoy most in Jaisalmer. Best place for enjoying camel ride are Khuri or Sam Sand. We suggest you to ask your hotel to arrange a camel ride tour including food, transport etc. if you are visiting Jaisalmer first time and it also safer side because hotel take all the responsibility of tour. The best time to enjoy camel ride is before sunset and it left you unspeakable how everything dramatically changes. You can also stay there overnight if you are daring one. 10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer
  • Become A Part Of Arabian Nights – At some places in Jaisalmer like Jaisalmer fort, desert etc. make you feeling like you are back in time. With camels, harems, tales of desert etc. It gives you a sense of Arabian Nights. The rich architecture of Jaisalmer seems like you are in old time. To understand the history of Jaisalmer more you can visit Museums and Havelies these are full of old artifacts that make you like way back in past. 10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer
  • Feel Royalty By Staying In Fort Or Haveli – There are many Havel’s in Jaisalmer that make you feel like a Royal one but it is bit costly on your pocket. From room architecture to food they serve everything is just perfect as it was in old time. Not only Haveli’s, Killa Bhawan recommended by Drifter planet. There is restaurant on rooftop and inside their is lodge known as KB Lodge. It is a heritage hotel you will absolutely enjoy staying in Killa Bhawan. 10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer
  • Bhang Lassi And Cookies – If you are Indian than you know what is bhang, mostly we see bhang lassi in Festival Holi. If you are not Indian let me explain, in simply words bhang may take you to the moon or may not hit you at all. It is made up of Marijuana leaves. It is a kind of drug. Bhang lassi and Bhang cookies are legally sold in Jaisalmer by many Government authorized shops. Try bhang cookies and lassi at your own risk.
  • Taste The Flavor Of Jaisalmer – If you want to taste good local food in Jaisalmer than you can surely visit Saffron restaurant in epic Nachana Haveli. There are many local dishes do not miss their like red meat(laal maas) Flavorful beans (ker sangri), wild meat (jungle maas) etc. Nachana is a royal family still live there, they are the descendants of founder of Jaisalmer Maharawal Jaisal. Nachana Haveli still holds it royalty and you find it very beautiful when you visit it from inside. There are many other cafes and restaurants that can serve you best continental, European, Thai, Chinese food. 10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer
  • Fascinating Starry Night In Jaisalmer – At night in Jaisalmer when you look at sky especially in Thar Desert that moment leave you speechless. There is no cloud in sky so you can easily catch every star in eye. There are many other factors that make your experience good there is no city light in Thar Desert also there is very less air pollution. If you are planning to go Thar Desert at night, we suggest you to go in group there or ask your hotel to organize a tour. Going Thar Desert alone is very dangerous.
  • What About Shopping? – For shopping you may find many things to buy from traditional cloth to mirror worked artifacts and many more. You can easily find long cotton skirts, pagddi, camel leather made shoes and bags etc. To make you shopping successful go for bargaining. If you don’t bargain, then shopkeeper easily make you fool. For getting best bargain price go for shops that are not closer to fort. When you shop in India’s local market remember the one rule bargain till you get the best price.
  • The Change Of Color –  It is also called “The Golden City” since it gets showered with the yellowish shade. The one who is going here will not forget the yellowish shade that makes it different from others. To understand why it is called Golden City, one must not skip sparing some time to wait this magic. There are many wonderful points inside and outside the forts to explore the sunset.

 So, what are you waiting for? It is time to head to Jaisalmer to fall in love with this city. You will never forget this journey throughout the life. 10 Reasons why you should visit jaisalmer

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