Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir

Mansar lake - Jammu & Kashmir
Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir

If you are a newlywed couple and wish to spend some quality time at a kind of special place which is known to bring good luck for you? Mansar Lake is the answer of this question. The 2 km in length and 1 km in width holder Mansar Lake in not only an attraction among the visitors/devotees, but married couples too. Every year, a number of couples come here to get blessed with the grace of God. Do you wish to know more? So, why should we late? Let’s check out more about this prominent lake. Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir

Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir

Mansar lake - Jammu & Kashmir
Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir


Mansar Lake adds a great spark to Jammu Kashmir’s beauty. The beautiful Mansar Lake is situated 62 Kilometre from Jammu and Kashmir. Since it is surrounded by giant hills from all sides, it looks amazing. After seeing this lake, you might not find any other lake beautiful like this. Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir


Yes!!! Mansar lake is also loaded with a glorious historical background. If we look into the past, we find that it take us to the era of Mahabharata. There was a time when Babar Vahan was the ruler. On that time, Arjun performed “Ashwamegh Yagya” which means someone who wishes to expand their territory would make a horse to run to demonstrated superiority. During this Yagya, Babar Vahan captured the village Ramkot and defeated Arjun.

Babar Vahan became the owner. Babar Vahan cut the head of Arjun and presented it in front of his mother. On that time, his mother told that he killed his father. In order to bring him alive, it is required the Mani from Manisar. For this, a tunnel (surang) was created in order to bring the Mani Manisar. From that time, it has been calling Mansar Lake and turned into a holy site among the devotees and visitors. Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir


When it comes about the popular places in Jammu & Kashmir, the name of Mansar Lake cannot be ignored. It gets a number of footfall every year. It is visited by the visitors throughout the year all around the world. It means this lake is very popular and all across the world. What do you know that Mansar holds devotional value as well? Yes!!! Many of you might be thinking that people come to visit Mansar Lake to explore its beauty. But it is required to understand that it is not only beautiful but also regarded as one of the prominent holy places to visit in Jammu & Kashmir.

Here is a temple called Sheshang located on one of its banks. There are many people all around the country and world come especially to gel blessed with the grace of God. Not only Sheshang Temple but there are other two shrines Umapati Mahadev and Narshimha dedicated to Lord Shiva and Durga. In Indian mythology, they both hold great importance. Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir

The crowd gets increased and it becomes very difficult to find some place here during festivals. If you visit Mansar Lake at the time of celebrating Maha Shivratri and Navratra, you will come to know about the kind of faith by which devotees get oozed. During the festival, devotees all around the world come here to take a dip in. Mansar Lake is also popular as a place where prominent ceremonies are celebrated like Mundan. Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir

What You Must Not Miss

Mansar Lake is not a kind of place visited by only the devotees but it is widely popular among the adventurous seekers as well. It is the perfect place to go along with the family and friends too. There is a number of activities to do. Mansar Lake is an attractive place not only among the visitors but local residents too.

  • Spending Time in a peaceful environment – If you have got fed up following the hectic schedule and wish to serve yourself a kind of treat, which can fetch tranquillity of mind? Then, you are at the right platform. Choosing Mansar Lake is a perfect option. Here, you can explore immense natural beauty. It would be a wonderful experience when you walk around the lake. You can even sit and relax and it would be great if you are a couple. Spending quality time in this way will land you to another world. It is a great opportunity to enjoy the natural view so closely. The fact cannot be ignored that it would definitely be a pleasant experience which you would never wish to forget. This lake is blessed with the eye-catching and breath-taking greenery to attract the one who wish to get indulged in the beauty. Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir
  • To get Blessed with The Grace – Sheshang Temple…. The ancient temple holds great value among the devotees. If you have scheduled a visit to Mansar Lake then you must not forget to visit this temple. It is one of the old temple situated adjacent to Mansar Lake. Those who wish to take blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga must make a stroll at Narshimha, Umapati temples. Not only this, but there are many other temples to make a visit. Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir
  • To pamper your hobby Of Boating – Do you love water activities? Mansar Lake serves you an excellent opportunity to add memorable moments to your journey. Boating is allowed here and it is the way to get entertained. It would be a great experience to enjoy boating. If you are new to it then you may take help of the instructors. There is a wildlife sanctuary adjacent to Mansar Lake where you can also explore the various species of flora and fauna. Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir

What About Celebration 

Mansar attracts a number of visitors every year. But the things which jazz up the mood of the devotees and visitors both is the celebration. Every year, Baisakhi and a food and craft festival are organised here by the J&K tourism. In the month of May, a kind of festival dedicated to folk spirit is celebrated. Apart from it, a festival CHHING is celebrated in which wrestler are invited to the nearest villages. Mansar lake – Jammu & Kashmir

How To Reach

  • By Air – There are two airports Jammu Airport and Srinagar Airport. You may choose the one as per your choice and convenience.
  • By Train – The nearest Railway Station is Sangar Railway Station which is situated about 15 km away from the Mansar Lake.
  • By Bus – It is well connected by roads. One can take a bus to reach there.

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