10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend

10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend

Do you have a BF? No, it is not about Boy Friend but Best Friend. Yes!!! Best Friend a precious gift blessed by God to jazz up the life. If you think that there is no great difference between friend and best friend then I am sorry but you wrong. There is not only a fine line between these two terms Friend and Best Friend but there is a great difference. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend

10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend

10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend

Friend cannot be the only one, but they can be a number of for example your school friends, college friends or office friends. On the other hand, best friend does not come in a dozen. Someone has rightly said that you are lucky if you have a best friend. Having a best friend is equal to 100 friends.

Why Having A Best Friend Is Too Special

  • Best friend holds an adaptable nature means there is no need to constantly entertain them or feeling fear to leave them alone. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
  • You never feel uncomfortable with them. You find yourself very cool to share anything with them.
  • They support you when you are going through the crisis or adversity.
  • They always stay with you when everyone move. They never let you feel alone.
  • Whether you are successful businessmen or college topper, they never feel jealous to you.
10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend

When You Need Your Best Friend A Lot 

  1. When You Get Cheated By Your Boyfriend – Girls are considered very sensitive and when they are hurt, they need their best friend. A girl wants to share everything with her best friend since she is the only one who can understand her. It is not necessary that her best friend would girl, it can be a boy too. It just depends with whom she feels comfortable to share. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
  2. To Enjoy Loneliness – Whenever you feel tensed, you never want others to interrupt you. Apart from it, you will never feel comfortable to share with others except your best friend. At that time, we all want to live alone. In this context, we can bear only the presence of best friend since he/she understand us in a better way or sometime more than us. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
  3. When You Wish To Laugh Without Caring – You are not allowed to laugh freely at the silly things in front of other friends. But you can go along with your best friend. Since your best friend is the only can bear your silly jokes and activities without getting tempered? Not only this, but they will help you to jazz up these moments. You are very lucky if you have true friend get indulged.10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
  4. Feeling Guilty – We are living in a fast paced life where everything is going around technology. The competition is very tough and not easy. Sometimes we all do mistakes and regret for them in future. In this situation, it is only best friend in front of him/her we can confess and discus over the situation which push you to do it. It is only the relationship between you and your best friend which make you comfortable to confess anything. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
  5. To Teach A lesson – Do you wish to teach someone a lesson who misbehaved with you? It is the right time to get paired with your true friend. If you both are together, no need to have others. There would be many who hold this type of story in their life when they asked their best friend to teach someone a lifetime lesson and still laugh on that moments remembering them. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
  6. To complain without taking a pause – Have you got fed up your boss, mother, father or brother since they are not getting you? It is time to call your best friend. Share your frustration with her/him to get relaxed. And the great thing is that you do not have need to hide any point from her/him as they will not go out of the room. With your best friend, you are allowed to share without even taking a pause for a second.
  7. When you Wish To Cry – Would you love to cry in front of others? I know you answer would not be in affirmative. But you would not mind to cry in front of your best friend without paying attention over your make-up being spoilt or runny nose. Having a best friend means there is someone very true and caring to serve you. And you do not have need to pretend in front of them. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
  8. To boost up your confidence – Everything cannot be shared with friends, family or relative, but best friend. If you feeling low or tensed regarding your exam, preparation or date then there is a great option as a best friend. He/she really understands you and know how to boost up your confidence within no time.
  9. To Take Advice – The right advice is offered by true friend. They never play your feelings and suggest you what is right for you. In order to lead you towards the right way, he/she will not only help you but keep a close eye over your behaviour too. You can call them anytime even midnight, late night or early in morning. Whether it is your personal or professional life, your best friend never guide you wrong.
  10. To share the good news – Best friend is not all about with whom you share your tears, bad mood or tension, but without having him/her, you do not feel your life is complete. You do not feel happy until you discuss the good news with her/him. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend

Do you have a best friend with whom you feel very comfortable and can share everything without feeling guilty? Would not you love to share those memorable moments you live with your best friend? If yes, then you must drop a comment. We are waiting eagerly to have feedback and comments from your side.
And the last words are if you have best friend then pamper them as it is the precious gift cannot be found in gift galleries. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend
Till Then Have A Happy Friendship with Your Best Friend… 
Stay Connected…. 10 Times When You Need Your Best Friend

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