7 Best places to visit in Manipur

7 Best places to visit in Manipur
7 Best places to visit in Manipur

Manipur is one of the most wonderful places to see in India. It is also known as the ‘Switzerland of India’ as the natural beauty is breathtaking. It was named the jewel of India by the late Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Manipur we already know how it is beautiful. We are going to add some of the best  places that you must not ignored If visiting this incredible city. Take A Look. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur

7 Best Places to Visit in Manipur

7 Best places to visit in Manipur
7 Best places to visit in Manipur

1. Imphal, being the capital of Manipur, is one of the best tourist attractions. For the nature lovers, it would be a great treat to go. If you have looking for the best place, then you must go for it. Why Visit Imphal

  • There are dense forests and several grasslands that make it a scenic place. You must go there with families and friends to spend quality time. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur
  • The weather in Imphal is great most of the year and that is why you can head to this place without contemplating much about the weather. It means you are allowed to go there when you want.
  • This makes it a perfect vacation spot for most families and youngsters. You can go to LoktakLake or Kangla fort if you have true inclination towards history. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur
  • The Manipur state museum is also a must see as is the Manipur Zoological garden.

2. UkhrulAmong the many wonders of Manipur is Ukhrul, which is a picturesque city. The natural beauty of this place makes it a wonder destination for most nature lovers. Reasons To Visit Ukhrul 7 Best places to visit in Manipur

  • When it coems that why one should must visit this place, the major thing is that it is blessed with the beautiful valleys and hills and the waterfalls make it perfect picture postcards. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur
  • To get showered with the tranquility of the mind, nothing can be best than heading Ukhrul. You can choose to go to Khayang Peak or Khangkhui cave. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur
  • The Nillai Tea estate is also a great place to visit and you must not skip since your visit will not be considered complete. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur

3. Bishnupur this holy land is the most visited place in Manipur because of the many temples that are in there. You will see the rich culture of the place as well the most exquisite architecture of the temples. Here, a number of temples available and if you are one of them looking for the getting blessed with God’s blessing, you must visit all these temples. If talks about the prominent temples there is a great list and the prominent are Jorebangla temple, PanchaRatana temple or Siddheswar Temple. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur

4. Thoubal – If you are an adventure junky then Thoubal is the place for you. This city among the hills is the perfect place for trekking or hiking. Why To Give Thumb Up To Thoubal 7 Best places to visit in Manipur

  • Every year a number of visitors come here to have a lot of fun as it is widely known for perfect for trekking and hiking.  It is quite beautiful as it has beautiful lakes and rivers that flow through
  • The next thing making it one of the best places is that Thoubal is surrounded by the lush green and thus great for any outdoor activity. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur
  • Look for the Thoubal, Imphal and Ikop lakes here and then check out the People’s Museum.
  • There is also a Khongjom War Memorial that is worth seeing.

5. Chandel is the place to go to for rich flora and fauna. This is also near Myanmar. Why It Is Most Popular – 7 Best places to visit in Manipur

  • If you wish to plan a memorable journey for your kids then you must go for packing your bag to Chandel as you can see a wide array of rare species of plants and also animals here. For kids, it will be too much fun.
  • Since it is blessed with incredible beauty, it has always been a great place for the visitors. This brings in the tourists in huge numbers and makes this is popular tourist destination.
  • You can check out Moreh and Yangoupokpi-Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary.

6. Senapati is one of the untouched places of beauty in Manipur. The natural beauty of this place is the still not been explored. So there are vast lands that are rich in flora and fauna. What Makes Senapati To Turn To Be A big Draw- 7 Best places to visit in Manipur

  • The wonderful hills, streams and valleys here give it a richness seen nowhere else. It means nothing can be greater than heading to this place as it will bring the tranquility of the mind.
  • You can see Mao, Yangkhullen, Purul or even the Sadu Chiru waterfalls. And you must not skip it otherwise your journey will not be considered complete. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur

7. Tamenglong this ‘land of the hornbill’ is renowned for its rich flora and fauna. There are forests and lands here that are still unexplored. Why Say Yes To Tamenglong

  • You will find rare species of birds, animals and plants. This makes it a perfect destination for all including families. If you are hunting the best place, then it can be best for you.
  • Choose to see the Zeilad lake and wildlife sanctuary. To make your journey memorable but can be better than heading to this place. 7 Best places to visit in Manipur
  • You can also check out the Barak waterfalls and the Tharon cave as they are the most attractive place of this city. In The Last The list does not go ended up here as there is so much to do in Manipur that it will refresh even the weary traveler. Choose among any of these places to rejuvenate your life and fill your holidays will lots of memories. How was the content? Did you find it informative? Keep telling to us as it encourages us to best. If you have already visit Manipur the you may also share your views with us regarding your journey as it will be helpful for others. Stay Connected With Jiyo Pal Pal …. Stay Happy and Healthy..   

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