Manipur – The Land of Jewels

Manipur - The Land of Jewels
Sanamahi Temple

Do you have any idea about THE JEWEL OF INDIA? If you do not have any idea? There is no problem, I am here to tell you, it is Manipur – The Land of Jewels. And Manipur was rewarded with this unique name by the first prime minister of India. If you are excited to know more about Manipur then we are here to increase your information. In this blog, we are going to shed light over many aspects belong to Manipur including must-visit places, fair and festivals, best time, how to reach and much more. Let’s go along with the blog.


  • Imphal :- Yes!!! We all know that Imphal is the capital of Manipur. But apart from being a capital, it the place blessed with eye-catching hills. The dense forest, sprawling grasslands and magnificent hills is enough to make it a heaven on earth. Imphal is also popular because of holding rich tradition and glamorous culture. Needless to say that it is a prominent tourist destination in Imphal.
Manipur - The Land of Jewels
The Kangla fort Gate
  • Ukhrul :- To get impressed by the beauty of nature, it is Ukhrul perfect to become the next visit. Marvellous valleys, beautiful hills, attractive waterfalls, streams, lush forest etc., is all set to take your heart away. There are visitors who come Manipur especially for Ukhrul. Being a nature lover, you must not miss the chance to visit this magnificent place.
Manipur - The Land of Jewels
Ukhrul – Manipur
  • INA Memorial:- it was used as a the unofficial headquarters for INA at the time of British rule. It was established in the memory of the soldiers sacrificed their lives for the nation. It is a way to pay respect.
Manipur - The Land of Jewels
INA Museum
  • Bishnupur :- It is blessed with adorable temples which always get flooded with heavy crowd. Whether you are a nature lover or wish to pamper your spiritual inclination, it is perfect for both of them.
Manipur - The Land of Jewels
  • Moirang :- It is located in the Bhishnupur district of Manipur. And the reason which compels to visit this place is that it abounds in natural beauty. Here, you can enjoy Metei Folk Festivals and Village dancers.
  • Thoubal :- Besides Imphal, it is Thoubal which can you take to the another place. It is located amidst hills. For the adventure lovers, there is a number of things to do including hiking, trekking etc. Lush greenery, cool rivers and calm rivers is all set to get infused with adventure. Here, you can see the wide array of banyan trees bearing fruits.
  • Chandel :- Do you know what is the gateway to Myanmar? Yes!!! You got right. It is Chandel. In Chandel, you may explore a wide array of rare species of animals and plants.
  • Senapati :- Yes!!! This place is named Senapati which is too common in Hindi language. It is called Senapati as it preserves the natural beauty. And the eighty percent is covered by the dense forests and lush greenery. Senapati holds incredible plants and animals both.
  • Tamenglong: it quite similar to Chandel which is widely popular among the tourists for holding rare species of plants, birds and animals. Having rivers, lakes and waterfalls, Tamenglong is perfect to catch for the nature and fun lovers both.
  • Churachandpur :- it is abounds in marvellous natural beauty. Valley and hillocks will jazz up your beauty. In Churachandpur, do not forget to do boat riding.


There is a wide array of festivals which is celebrated every year in Manipur. Have a look.

  • Ningol Chakouba :- it is celebrated in the month of November. It is a social festival. On this auspicious day, daughters are invited at their parental house. It helps to revive the relationship between the two families.
  • Y aoshang:- the festival of colours called Holi is celebrated in between the month of February and march. During Holi, a great hustle bustle can be seen.
  • Christmas:- though this festival is widely popular all around the world, but Manipur also celebrates it. On this auspicious day, people sing hymns and organise party to make it memorable.
  • Ramjan:- Manipur believes in celebrating all festival including Ramjan. A great hustle-bustle can be seen on this great day. People wish each-other.
  • Cheiraoba :- It is celebrated in the month of April as it is the new year of Manipur. A wide array of dishes is prepared at home.


In this section, the prominent things are being cited to get an idea about the things which you must not skip to do. Let’s have a look.

  • If you wish to love to get indulged in the love of music then you much catch up a local rock concert.
  • Rice beer is available at the local bars in Manipur. If you wish to taste the different beer then you must go ahead. The drink is served with momos, fish, dog meat, pakoras etc.,
  • Apart from it, Ras Leela is also organised to jazz up the mood of the visitors. It revolves around the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. The story is described is presented with the great fusion of dance and music.
  • Being a moviegoer, you must go along with Manipuri films inspired by Bollywood. It will help you to know more about Manipuri.


To explore this beautiful place, you must go in between the month of October and March. During this time, it gets blessed with pleasant winter.


  • By air – Holding own Airport makes Manipur to be get accessed by Air as it is well connected to other major cities of the countries.
  • By rail – Manipur does not hold its own railway stations, but the nearest railway station is situated in Dimapur. It is 215 kilometre away from Imphal.
  • By road– NH 39 is connected to the major cities like Dimapur, Kohima, Shillong, Agartala.
    Have fun…and stay connected for more updates….

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