7 Best solutions for dry eyes

7 Best solutions for dry eyes
7 Best solutions for dry eyes

Someone has rightly said that your eyes can express everything going inside. Apart from it, eyes are quite precious since we cannot say this beautiful world. And that is why it is quite essential to take care of them. These days our life is revolving around the electronic devices and that is why it has become quite to come across how to keep them stress free.7 Best solutions for dry eyes

There would be many of you spending 7-8 hours on laptop, computer, tablet, mobile etch and have been suffering dry eyes. A bit about dry eyes dry eye is a chronic and sometimes severe condition that needs immediate attention. The eyes normally feel itchy and irritable. The feeling of sand or dust in the eyes makes the person itch the eyes without any comfort. The eyes redden as a result of this and start to water as well. Dry eyes have many solutions, some of them natural methods. You can see which solution works for you and then continue the same. If symptoms persist, it is advisable to check with an eye doctor. 7 Best solutions for dry eyes


7 Best solutions for dry eyes
7 Best solutions for dry eyes
  • Artificial tears – In market, a comprehensive range of artificial tears are available. You must consult with doctor before taking anyone.  Artificial tears are the best source of relief from dry eyes. These are used to lubricate the eyes and make them cool down. When the severity of the condition is mild, due to reading, then it is best to use these artificial eye drops. These are normally of two types Low viscosity is watery and has no blurring of vision. Effect is for shorter duration. High viscosity is gel based and has blurring of vision. Effect is long lasting. 7 Best solutions for dry eyes
  • Blink frequently – This is one of the best things you must keep in mind. If the dry eyes are something that you get when using the computer or other work that strains the eyes, then it is advisable to blink your eyes more frequently than normal. You must keep this point in your mind. Now, you may be thinking how blinking helps you. Actually, Blinking lubricates the eyes naturally and lets the water out into the eye socket. This cools the eyes and lessens the dry eye syndrome. You could also squeeze the eyelids to generate tears. Yes!!! This one is I also keep doing when feel that eyes are getting dry. Dryness occurs because of using work straight on computer or laptop. If you keep doing this, you will stay away from irritation or dryness.
  • Natural supplements – Natural foods are also something that doctors prescribe for the dry eye condition. Omega 3 fatty acids are a good source to decrease the dry eye. The omega 3 fatty acids are easily found in fish like salmon, sardines and also in flax seed oil. You could also drink a lot of water as this also helps to hydrate the body as well as the eyes. Stay away from the junk food and add as much as home cook food. If you love fruits then you must have juicy fruits like orange, grapes etc. They are good for eyes.  If you have suffering severe dryness in your eyes, you must consult doctor. 7 Best solutions for dry eyes
  • Makeup removal – Yup!!! This is next thing you must not forget. A comprehensive range of makeup related things are available in the market. What you need to do is choose the right one.  Makeup products contain a lot of chemicals and these can easily affect the eyes. The eye makeup consists of eye liner, mascara. Even the face makeup can get in the eyes and this can irritate the eyes. It is always advisable to completely remove the eye makeup especially the lower eye lids. Always trust the brand since they adhere to maintain the quality of the product. Apart from it, you must check out the used ingredients or content. Make sure that you must know what is good for you and what not. 7 Best solutions for dry eyes
  • Medicated eye drops – As opposed to the artificial tears, medicated eye drops are antibiotic eye ointments like chloramphenicol, tetracycline and ciprofloxacin. These are good especially if there is any eyelid swelling. These are common medicated eyes drops and seem to give relief to patients. At home, you can also try wet clothes to have it on your eyes.  It brings great relax to your eyes and make it cool.
  • Eye ointments – Eye ointments are different from eye drops as they are used to treat the cause of the dry eyes. As opposed to artificial tears that help to lubricate the eyes for a short period, the eye ointments can be used for extended periods. You can apply the ointment before sleeping and the extended duration will help to cure the dry eyes condition. It is being advised that never use any sorts of eye ointments without consulting doctors. They let you know what would be best for you and should you have it or not.
  • Prevention – Prevention is always better than a cure. It is advisable to take breaks and not to expose yourself to direct air like air conditioners, etc. Make sure that you need to have break time-to-time if you keep glued to your laptop. It also plays a major role to lift your mood up. The dry eyes condition can be easily managed with these solutions. If it still persists then you need to go see a doctor for medical treatment. The best thing is that you need to stay aware about how you can stay away from it. When you have knowledge, it becomes easy to get rid of dry eyes related issues. 7 Best solutions for dry eyes

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go for following these best 7 solutions as they will surely help you to get rid of this issue. Keep informing us if the content was useful for you. Stay connected with Jiyo Pal Pal ..    We love keep updating you about the health related things.

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