Alwar – Rajasthan

Alwar - Rajasthan
Alwar-fort – Alwar – Rajasthan – India

When it comes about the famous districts of Rajasthan, Alwar emerges first. Alwar is widely known to get blessed by Lofty Aravali Hills. Every year a number of people come to visit Alwar. If you don’t have aa pretty much idea about Alwar, then go through this blog as it going to encompass all essential information right from its history, festival, culture, best time to visit and much more. Take a look

Glorify History of Alwar

Alwar is formerly known as Ulwar and possess a great history with itself. Though this city was founded by a member of the Kachh family and after that ruled by Rajputs for a long time. During Mughal era, it has gone undergone reformation. As per the Mythology, Alwar was also witnessed of the massive battle between Kaurava and Pandava. Due to have massive beauty and cultural heritage, it was attracted by Marathas, Mughals, Kachhawaha Rajput, British, and Nikhumbha.

Major Tourist Attractions in Alwar

There is a number of tourist attractions in the city and makes hard what to choose and what to skip for the next visit. Here, we are going to some of the major must-watch place.

  • Bala Quila – Bala Quila associate with the Mughals. It was built by Hasan Khan Mewati in 1550 A.D. The Bala Fort has witnessed of the great time of Mughal, Marathas, Jat and Rajput. It is situated about 1960 feet above the sea level. A total number of 6 entry gates are held by this fort, which is known sand Chand Pol, Suraj Pal, Jai Pal, Kishan Pol, Andheri Gae and Laxman Pol. There is a radio station but cannot be visited without having permission from the superintendent of police.
Alwar - Rajasthan
Bala-Qila-Alwar-Rajasthan – India
  • City Palace – City Palace has been built by Raja Vinay Singh and it is also known as the Vinay Vilas Palace. City Palace is widely known for having a great fusion of Mughal and Rajasthani style. A number of Government office is being run on the first floor while the upper floor has been transmitted into a museum. It is the best place to take a glimpse of royal lifestyle and architecture.
Alwar - Rajasthan
Ciity Palace – Alwar – Rajasthan – India
  • Bhangarh fort – This fort oozes with incredible beauty and architecture. This fort comes with intricate designing on its roof, pillar and walls. Natural springs, banyan trees and waterfall adds more beauty to this medieval fort. It holds forts and havelis.
Alwar - Rajasthan
Bhangarh Fort – Alwar – Rajasthan – India
  • Sariska National Park – It’s one of the best known wildlife destinations of the country. If turn the page of history, this area was regarded as a hunting grounds of the Kings of Alwar. Famous Bengal Tigers are found here.
Alwar - Rajasthan
Sariska Reserve – Alwar – Rajasthan – India
  • Kalakand Market –  Without making the stroll to this market, your trip will not be considered complete. This sweet is widely known for its lovely taste. The aroma of this dish make your mind to not only taste it but to pack it for friends too. Because of this delicious sweet, the street is known as Kalakand Market. Apart from sweet, you will find an enormous collection of Jewellery and handicraft.
Alwar - Rajasthan
Kalakand Market – Alwar – Rajasthan – India
  • Jai Pol It’s the best place to explore the glorify history of Alwar. This fort is made from marvellous stormy structure. Jai Pol holds eye of a number of visitors because of having exquisite beauty. It has fabulous structure at the entry point to welcome the visitors with a glorify history.
Alwar - Rajasthan
Jai Pol Fort – Alwar – Rajasthan – India
  • Krishna Temples – This place is also visited by a number of Krishana devotees from all around the world. Krishna Temples is blessed with the amalgamation of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture which add a great look to it.
  • Mansa Devi’s Temple – This temple is widely known all around the world. Many devotees come every year to take blessing of God. During Navratra, it gets flooded by the huge crowd.

Things to do –

There are many things to do in Alwar to make your journey memorable

  • You must not forget to make stroll to the beautiful lake of Jai Samand Lake. It’s quite eye pleasing.
  • Alwar abounds in a number of restaurants, but Maharaja Restaurant is widely known for serving delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Shopping has always been girl’s favourite. And if you are visiting Alwar, then go out for shopping of silver jewellery, handmade Rajasthani Item, terracotta statues, carpet, bangles, jutis and much more which cannot be found anywhere else.
  • If you are going to visit this small but the lovely city in the month of February, then you can grab and excellent opportunity to enjoy the Annual Alwar Folk and Music Festival.
  • Don’t forget to taste delicious and mouth-watering Alwar Mawa Sweet.

Festivals and Fairs  –

In order to promote Alwar tourism, a number of Fairs is organised. These fair revolves around rural activities to support the business of local people.

  • Alwar Festival is organised every year which starts from February 13th to February 15th 2015. Alwar Festival is quite famous among the tourists. It’s the best place to see the handicraft and colourful tradition of this region.
  • Tourists can jazz up their mood by taking part in these fair and activities like Elephant Polo, Sketching Competition For Children, Flower Show, Fancy Dress Competition, Folk Show, etc.,
  • Film show is also organized in which Rajasthani Culture has been shown.

Best time to visit –

The best time to visit Alwar comes between the months of September and March.

How to reach

ALWAR is well-connected by Air, Road and train. Regular service of bus and train is available while flight will take some to come in flow. How can you reach by Air, Road and Train, each category has been explored in a discreet manner for your perusal.

  • By Rail – Alwar Junction is well connected to other cities as well as the regular train service is available. Mail, express and Super-fast connections can be fetched from Delhi.
  • By Road – This city can be visited by bus as regular bus service is available. Travelling by Road would not be wrong as it well-connected with major cities of India like Kolkata, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Mumbai. Apart from it, an excellent bus service is being provided by the Rajasthan State Transport Corporation and some private travel services. Bus service can be booked online with getting confronted any hassle.
  • By Air – The nearest Airport is Sanganer Airport, which is well-connected to several prominent cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Jodhpur and Udaipur. If the air travelling is convenient to you, then you may go for this. This Airport is 162 km away from Alwar.

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