Odisha – Combination of beautiful locations



Odisha – Combination of  beautiful locations, exotic cultures and warm & friendly people. With a 480 kilometer long coastline, towering mountains, serene lakes and frolicking rivers, Odisha has something for everyone.

It is located on the east coast, Odisha (formerly Orissa), also known as The Soul of India, is a mystical land where the hoary past and the modern today form a harmonious blend – where ancient temples mingle with modern five star hotels. A land filled with awe inspiring monuments, thousands of master craftsmen and artists, numerous wildlife sanctuaries, stunning natural landscapes. It is also a place where you can have FUN! Let your hair down and relax on the tranquil beaches or pump up the adrenalin with a high speed ride on a water scooter at the Chilka Lake…Whatever your heart’s desire, you’ll find it here.

Places to visit in Odisha

  • Bhubaneswar  – the capital of Odisha is a fascinating amalgamation of the ancient and the modern.
  • Puri – one of the four celebrated religious centers of India, Puri, the abode of Lord Jagannath. It, is also famous for its beautiful beach.
  • Cuttack – a 1000 year old city with a hoary past and a bustling commercial hear.
  • Rourkela – has come into prominence of the three public sector steel plants set up in India in 1955.
  • Chilka – The largest brackish water lake in Asia is home to myriad forms of avian and aquautic life.
  • Balangir – on the southern slope of the Gandhamardan hills, around 81 km from Balangir, stands Harishankar.
  • Balasore – , was an important maritime town in medieval times through the river Budhabalanga.
  • Baripada – is an ideal place to pick up handloom products of Chandanpur and stone carving of Khiching.
  • Berhampur – famous for its silk saris, famous temples and its unique culture.Bhawanipatna – is a town of numerous temples dedicated to different deities of Hindu pantheon.
  • Dhenkanal – it is the most ancient forest covers, which shelters the elephants, tigers and numerous species of birds and beasts.
  • Jeypore – district abounds in meadows, forests, waterfalls, terraced valleys and darting springs.
  • Keonjhar –  is famous for the Tarini Temple and Sanghagara,Badghagara waterfalls.
  • Konark -The magnificent Sun Temple at Konark of Odisha.
  • Phulbani – Daringibadi is popularly known as the ‘Kashmir of Odisha’ is especially a must visit on your tour to Phulbani.
  • Sambalpur – the gateway to the bewitching western zone of Odisha.
  • Similipal – a dreamland of Nature in the wilderness and an irresistible destination.

Attractions in Odisha

Odisha is filled with lovely lakes, beautiful beaches and fascinating waterfalls, even has hot water springs that are reputed for their healing abilities. At the same time, Odisha is well known for its rich history and its famed arts and culture.

Water World – Odisha is blessed with around 500 km long coastline and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Chilika, Asia’s largest brackish water lake, not only provides a haven for millions of birds, but is also one of the few places in India where one can view dolphins. The lush green forest cover Of Odisha plays host to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including the famed Royal Bengal Tiger. Amidst the picturesque hills and valleys nestle a number of breathtaking waterfalls and rivulets that attract visitors from all over the world.






  • Lakes – Chilka, Hirakud, Ansupa, , Indravati, Kolab, Machhakund, Rengali, Sorada ghai.

Hot Spring

  • Hot Spring – Atri , Deulajhari , Taptapani , Tarabalo

Temples & Monuments  –  there are many famous  Hindu , Buddhist and Jain temples in Odisha.

Hindu Temples

  • HINDU TEMPLES – Jagannath Temple – Puri , Konark Temple, Lingaraja Temple – Buvneshwar, Mukteswara Temple – Bhubaneswar, 64 Yogini Shrine Temple – Bhubaneswar, Rajarani Temple – Bhubaneswar, Baladevajew Temple – Kendrapara, Brahmeswara Temple – Bhubaneswar, Simhanath Temple – Cuttack, Khiching Temple – Mayurbhanj , Nrusinghanath Temple – Bargarh, Vaital Deul Temple- Bhubaneswar, Parasurameswara Temple – Bhubaneswar, Leaning Temple -Sambalpur, Pataleswar Temple – Berhampur, Madhava Temple – Niali, Biraja Khetra – Jajpur

Buddhist Monuments

  • Buddhist Monuments – Dhauli, Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, Udaygiri, Padmapur, Balasore District, Banpur, Jaugada, Sambalpur District, Naraj, Buddhist Heritage, Cuttack District, Kuruma, Biswanath Hill.

Jain Monuments

  • Jain Monuments – Khandagiri and Udaygiri

Arts & Crafts

Fine arts

  • Fine Arts – Painting & Etching.



  • Handicrafts – Applique Work, Brass & Bell Metal, Silver Filigree, Stone Carving, Horn Work, Lacquer, Papier Mache, Tribal Combs, Wood Carving.


  • Handlooms – Odissi Handlooms & Tribal Handlooms.

Performing arts

  • Performing arts – Odissi Music, Odissi Dance, Animal Mask, Baunsa Rani, Chaiti Ghoda, Changu Nata, Chhau, Dalkhai, Danda Nata, Dasakathia, Dhanu Jatra, Ghanta Patua, Ghoomra, Jhoomar, Karma, Kathinacha, Kedu, Kela Keluni, Krishna Leela, Medha Nacha, Naga Dance, Paika Nrutya, Pala, Patua Jatra, Puppet Dance, Rama Leela, Ranappa, Samprada.

Special Interest

Wildlife Sanctuaries

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries -Bhitar Kanika, Chandaka, Chilika, Simlipal, Tikarpada, Gahirmatha, Nandan Kanan, Ambapani,, Badarama, Balukhand, Baisipalli, Belghar, Debrigarh, Hadagarh, Karlapat, Kotagarh, Khalasuni, Lakhari, Padamtala, Satkosia, Sunabeda, Ushakothi, Dhamra, Darjeeng, Dairingbadi, Barunei, Chandbali, Tensa, Narayani, Saptasajya

Indigenous Culture

  • Indigenous Culture – Tribes of Odisha , Tribal Cultural, Handicrafts, Tribal Handlooms.

Festivals & Fairs –

Every state has its own festivals and rituals. Odisha – Combination of beautiful locations , being a land of ancient and sacred temples, and a state where three religions flourished, is thronged by pilgrims throughout the year. There are a large number of fairs and festivals celebrated in the state. There are festivals relating to each religion, tribal festivals, festivals relating to Lord Jagannath, the presiding deity of the Puri Temple, and many seasonal exhibitions and fairs as well as special festivals such as the Konark Festival, the Rajarani Music Festival, the Puri Beach Festival etc..

Religious festivals

  • Religious FestivalsMahashiva Ratri, Durga Puja, Ganesha Chaturthi, Lakshmi Puja, Deepavali, Dusserah, Dola Purnima (Holi), Akshyaya Trutiya, Gahma Purnima, Makara Sankranti, Ashokashtami, Nuakhai, Basanta Panchami, Hingula Yatra, Prathamastami, Baseli Puja, Janmastami, Raja Sankranti, Chaitra Parba, Kartika Purnima, Rama Navami, Khudurukuni Osa, Savitri Brata, Dhanu Yatra, Kumar Purnima, Shamba Dasami, Sital Shashti, Magha Saptami, Visuva Sankranti, Viswakarma Puja

Jagannath temple festivals

  • Jagannath Temple Festivals – Rath Yatra, Chandan Yatra, Devasnana Purnima, Basanta Panchami, Chitou Amavasya, Nava Kalebara

Special festivals

  • Special Festivals – Konark Festival, International Sand Art Festival, Dhauli Kalinga Mahotsav, Mukteswar Dance Festival , Rajarani Music Festival.

Tribal Festivals

  • Tribal Festivals – Chaita Parva, Karama Festival, Bali Jatra, Sume-Gelirak, Bija Pandu , Kedu Festival , Maghe Parab.

Fairs & Exibitions

  • Fairs & Exibitions – Bali Yatra , Magha Mela , Taratarini Mela, Joranda Mela , Makar Mela , Adivasi Mela

How to Reach Odisha 

By air –  The Biju Patnaik Airport at Bhubaneswar is the best way to reach Odisha by air. There are frequent flights from Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad, linking Odisha to the other parts of India..

By train – Bhubaneshwar and Behrampore are the two railheads in the state that are connected by trains to all the other metro cities of India like Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Chenna. Rajdhani, Coromondal Express, Konarak Express are some of the famous trains that serve this station.

By Road – The state of Odisha can be easily accessed via National Highway number 5, 6, 23, 42 and 43 run that run through the state. Scheduled buses to Calcutta and to Visakhapatnam in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh arrive at regular intervals.

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