Ammaa Ki Boli movie review

Ammaa Ki Boli movie review
Ammaa Ki Boli movie review

There is another movie lined up on the way namely Ammaa Ki Boli. It is also full of fun and excitement. You will truly love it. Under the banner of Street Act Production, comes Amma Ki Boli, a family comedy and emotional story. Ammaa Ki Boli movie review

Ammaa Ki Boli movie review

Ammaa Ki Boli movie review
Ammaa Ki Boli movie review
  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Master Aniket, Ashraf, Hrishitaa Bhatt
  • Director – Narayan Chauhan
  • Rating –  1.5/5

This amazing movie has been directed by Narayan Chauhan and produced by Mukesh Chaudhary, the film revolves around a scooter, which develops emotional connections between family members. Ammaa Ki Boli movie review

You might be curious to know who you will see in this movie. And here we are going to reveal that you will have the best starring as Ammaa in the lead role of Farooq Zafar with Priyal Patil, Govind Namdev, Sitaram Panchal, Sanjay Mishra, Harshita Bhatt, and Zakir Hussain, the film uses a satirical approach to convey the theme.

What About The Story of The Movie

‘Amma Ki Boli’ is Talbehat (Lalitpur) based on the background of Bundelkhand. Producer, director, and writer of Bundeli film Amma ki Boli told that the film has been made in Bundeli language. The film depicts many poignant events in the social environment along with romance and laughter.

What you will Love About This Movie 

The film revolves around Eid, an old husband, helpless mother, and her sons. It has been told that the mother who is willing to sacrifice everything for her sons. After marrying her, her sons are engaged in pushing the mother into each other’s court. He gave this information to journalists at the new Nagar Panchayat building in the city. Ammaa Ki Boli movie review

What is Special About the Movie 

Told that the entire film has been made in Bundeli language that will be released on August 30. The film was shot in Harda, Madhya Pradesh. It starred Ajay Sahu of Jhansi, Sundar Likhar, Shaina Priya, Rakesh Vishwakarma besides Jitendra Gupta of Lalitpur, etc. Apart from this, FarooqJaffer, who works in Peepli Life, Sanjay Mishra, Rosita Bhatt, Govind Namdev, Rajpal Yadav, etc. has worked in the hearts of people with their performances in many serials. Ammaa Ki Boli movie review

Motto of Releasing This Movie 

He said that his main objective is to give Bundeli language a new dimension within the country and introduce people like Bhojpuri and other languages. The film titled Kanji House will be released by December. She is also made in Bundeli language.

He told that he was born in Kanpur. Due to her mother’s job, her workplace was Lalitpur district. After this he moved to Mumbai but the power of his work ground attracted him towards this. Actors Deepak Kaushal, Manoj Tripathi, Vijay Soni, RamsinghKushwaha, etc. were present on the occasion.

The fact cannot be ignored that movies are the best ways to bring more happiness into our lives. You feel great from inside once you are done watching your favorite movie. And this movie will surely bring positive vibes to you. Go with your family and enjoy this amazing movie.


For the movie goers, this is going to be quite lovely movie. You should not leave chance to watch this movie. Stay connected with Jiyo Pal Pal for having the latest updates. Ammaa Ki Boli movie review

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