Dil Junglee Movie Review

Dil Junglee Movie Review
Dil Juunglee Review

Those who always prefer love story based movies can definitely go for this movie “Dil Junglee” starter Tapsee Pannu, Saquib Salim, Abilash and Nidhi Singh. It comes up with great comedy and entertaining masala to bring a great grin on viewers’ face. Dil Junglee Movie Review

Dil Junglee Movie Review

Dil Junglee Movie Review
Dil Juunglee Review
  • Genre – Romance
  • Star Cast – Taapsee Pannu, Saquib Saleem, Nidhi Singh
  • Director – Aleya Sen
  • Rating –  2.5/5

Story of Dil Junglee

Tapsee Pannu will be seen as Koroli Nayaar who is a daughter of London Based’s Businessman. And she lives in Delhi. Koroli does not wish to be like her father totally indulged in business. She does not wish to get indulged in business. What she wants is getting married and get settled with her own family and kids. She is a teacher in British Council in Delhi as it gives her satisfaction. Dil Junglee Movie Review

On the other hand, Lajpat Nagar based boy namely Sumit Uppal who always dream to be a Bollywood Hero. He works in Gym as a trainer. He too holds a good body. He joins British Council to learn English and bump into Koroli. Then love happens. After that story leads to London from Delhi. There are so many twists and turns in this movie. You should head to the theater in order to watch all these things. Dil Junglee Movie Review

Why Should You Watch This Movie 

The direction is just outstanding and worthy to get applauded. The cinematography is lovely along with locations. The amazing locations lift up the value of the movie. Tapsee and Saquib did a great job. And other performers did also great job. If you love Tapsee and Saquib then you should try this movie for sure. You might have watch Pari last weekend and this time you may go to Dil Junglee to get normal. It is a kind of Halki-Fulki love story and you will love watching it. This movie is worthy to watch if you wish to read something light based love story oriented baby.

What About The Negative Things About The Movie 

Movie’s story goes from Delhi to London and but at some points, the movie gets weak. The story brings some new twist to itself and you would love watching them. Dil Junglee Movie Review

  • Music is quite boring and it did not hit before releasing the movie. Apart from it, film’s music also goes great with the movie. Dil Junglee Movie Review
  • Movie’s starting is good but it does not go that way much longer. It would be good if the speed of the movie would have maintained throughout the movie. Dil Junglee Movie Review
  • The movie would be great if enough work would have done on movie’s story and songs.
  • Tapsee adds life to her character and you would love to have her. She did a great job and enough to impress you in a great way. Dil Junglee Movie Review


If you have been looking for the best movie, you are having the right movie. You should go on this weekend. Tapsee will not leave any stone unturned to impress you. Dil Junglee Movie Review

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go ahead and enjoy movie time with your family and friends.

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