Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh
Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

Dwarka Tirumala is called as “Chinna Tirupathi”, it is located in Andhra Pradesh of south India closer to “Eluru” the central station at west Godavari District. It is most conventional and old holy spot. According to the our holy books south Indian waterways like Krishna and Godavari are consider to be a heavenly which come to the mouth of the ocean the huge Dwarka Tirumala has been decorated by these two awesome streams guiding towards by Brahma Puranas. Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhrapradesh
Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andrapradesh

This place is situated at the highest point of the slopes called Seshachala Hill. The feet of the Venkateswaran are in Valmika (ant colony) and it is Swayambhu. The hugeness of the temple is that there two fundamental icons under one Vahanam sikharam. One is half covered up, and showing up from navel upwards and other one is finished stance behind it.Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

About the Temple

Dwarka Tirumala is an old blessed spot and a well-known traveller focus in Andhra Pradesh of South India. Dwarka Tirumala is closer to ‘Eluru’, the headquarters of West Godavari District, which is 44 KM far from Eluru. Dwarka Tirumala is arranged at 15KM separation from Bhimadole Junction, which is in the middle of Vijayawada and Rajahmundry State Highway and Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam principle Railway line.

Design of Temple

Interior of this temple is mesmerising and the heavenly landmarks like, Vimana, Mantapa, Gopura, and Prakara and so on. If we stand to the credit of Dharma Appa Raoa late ruler (1762 – 1827) and the brilliant decorations and silver vahanas stand to the credit of the liberal ruler Rani Chinnamma Rao of Mylavaram, Krishna Dist. (1877 – 1902). These things deify the reputation of the slab. Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

The principle temple is an artful conclusion of South Indian Architecture with its five-storied primary Rajagopuram confronting the south and three different gopurams on the other three sides. The Vimana is in the Nagara style and old Mukhamantapa is reached out, as it were, to suit the present day needs. There are a few sanctuaries of Alwars connected to the Prakara on all sides. The entire roomy compound has been cleared with stone and blossom trees are developed in a request as though to devour the eye of the visitors. Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

Sthala Puranam

This journey focus is called “Dwarka Tirumala” after the considerable holy person, “Dwarka” who found the self-showed symbol of Lord “Sri Venkateswaran” after serious repentance in a “Valmikam” (ant colony). The devotees call Sri Venkateswaran as Kaliyuga Vaikunta Vasa. This spot is likewise called “Chinna Tirupati“. Dwarka Tirumala

Dwarka Tirumala is famous temple from the old times. According to Bramha Purana, Aja Maharaja, the grandfather of Sri Ram also worshiped lord Venketeshwara for marriage. He did number of prayers in this famous temple.

It is an awesome miracle to see two principle icons under one Vimana Sikharam. One symbol is a full and finish statue. The other is a half statue of the upper segment of the type of the Lord. The upper mixture of the structure is a self-showed symbol situated by Sage “Dwaraka”. The holy people of the yore felt the supplications to the Lord are not finished without venerating His heavenly feet. Along these lines, the holy people joined together and introduced a full statue behind the self-showed icon, to revere the feet of the Lord as per Vaikhanasa Agamam. Dwarka Tirumala

It is trusted that the appeals to the littler statue of the Lord will prompt Moksha, and the enormous structure remains for Dharma, Artha and Kama. The Tiru kalyanotsavam is praised twice per year. One for the self-showed icon in the month of “Vaisakha” and the other for the introduced symbol in the month of “Aswayuja”.


The most impossible to miss viewpoint here is that the slope having all the allocates of being a sneak in structure, even to the exposed eye, affirms the legendary adaptation that Anantha, the serpant ruler has taken up this terrestrial type of serpant slope and is conveying God Mallikarjuna on the hood and Lord Venkateswaran on the tail, along these lines making a glad and symphonious bargain of Vaishnavism and Saivism at a solitary spot.

Darshan Time

Daily aarti begins at4.00AM and it is known as “SUPRABHATAM”   Dwarka Tirumala
Darsanam timings are Morning 5.30AM to 1 PM, 5 PM to 5.30 PM and 6.30 PM to 9 PM
The ticket rate for Darsanam is free Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

Festivals Celebrations 

The accompanying Major Festivals are being performed in the temple Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andrapradesh

  • Giripradakshina (January)
  • Swamy Vari Vysakha Kalyanam and
  • Radhotsavam(Car celebration) (April-May)
  • Boat Festival (November)

Temple Tour (Things to do )

  • Sri Swamyvari Temple
  • Four corner Mandapams
  • Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya Statue
  • Alwar Temples
  • Anjaneya Swamyvari and Sri Garuda Swamivari Temples

There are many sub temples also to visit like

  • Sri Malleshwara Swamy Temple, Dwarka Tirumala
  • Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Dwarka Tirumala
  • Sri Kunkullamma Ammavari Temple, Dwarka Tirumala
  • Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple, Dwarka Tirumala

Nitya Arjita Kalyanam

Nitya Arjitha Kalyanam is performed each day to Lord Sri Venkateswaran. The devotees can likewise take an interest in the Celebration of Kalyanam by paying certain amount.Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

Arjitha Kalyanam Rs. 1000/ – : On instalment of Rs.1000/ – the Devasthanam will display one Sari, Jacket, Sanku chakra Namala Kanduva to the couple. 5 Laddus, 1 Pulihora and 1 Sarakara Pongal bundle are exhibited. 6 persons will be considered Darsanam including Kalyanam performing couple furthermore for Anna Prasadam.

Arjita Kalyanam won’t be commended on the next Days

  1. Makara Sankranti
  2. Swamy vari Vysakhamasa Kalyanotsavams
  3. Swamy vari Aswayujamasa Kalyanotsavams
  4. Sun based Eclipses

There are many parks and gardens also to visit once like

  • Sivodyanavanam at Sivalayam
  • Park in Rani Chinnamma Rao Choultry
  • Flower Garden at Northern side of Main temple
  • Garden at M.S. ChoultryStepped Garden at Sivalayam.

Another attraction is Narsimha Sagar, this sagar is situated on the west of village. There are many Ghats to take bath and Kumaratirtha is the main bathing ghat for all pilgrims. And this is main source of water supply to villagers.

How to reach this temple

  • By Air – generally if you prefer flight than nearest Airport is Vijayawada and flight also connected with the major city like Delhi and Kolkata.Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh
  • By Train – nearest railways station is Bhimadole and distance is 16 to 18km only.
  • By Road – there are many buses from Bhimadole and it covers various destination like Vijayawada, Tanuku, Gudem and many more. Dwarka Tirumala Temple – Andhra Pradesh

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