Easy steps to being a better teacher

Easy steps to being a better teacher
Easy steps to being a better teacher

Being a teacher is a blessing and being a best teacher is a self satisfaction in itself. A good teacher is one who inspires the students and helps them in growing physically, socially as well as mentally. But how could you judge yourself, how will you know whether you are a good teacher or not. Easy steps to being a better teacher

Following are the Easy steps to being a better teacher

Easy steps to being a better teacher
Easy steps to being a better teacher
  • Listening Power – It is said that you must speak and listen both equally, but it’s not true. Not at least for a teacher. A good teacher is the one who listens very sharply to their students. Because if you won’t listen, you will not understand the matter clearly and thus could make wrong decisions in your teaching life.
  • Breaking the routine – Lets break the same daily routine of going to a class, teaching the students and coming back and then next day doing the same. Play games, interact with your students, and make them learn through mindful exercisesEasy steps to being a better teacher
  • Plan actions in advance – For this, you need to work very hard in yourself. Prepare yourself for each and every situation in advance for e.g., if two students start to fight in front of you, what will be your step? If any student misbehave in the class, what will do etc. etc. It is the best exercise for a good teacher. If you had prepared in advance for any kind of situation, you can easily handle everything and prove yourself to be the better teacher than the rests. Easy steps to being a better teacher
  • Be consistent with all – For a teacher, every student is equal, A good teacher never divide their knowledge less to one or more to another student. They share equal knowledge with all of their students.
  • Be Fair With All – As like mother/father doesn’t differentiate and divide their love and care among their children’s, a good teacher also never treat any of his student unequal. All are equal for him/her. It’s not if a student with good marks forget to bring hi/her home, the teacher smiles and if the student who had gained low marks do the same, they over reacts them. It’s not a good habit. If you have one, change it right now.
  • Make Your Lesson Relevant To Their Lives – Teach them by giving live examples, relate the study with their day to day life. You will start noticing the difference yourself after applying this thing in your teaching. And your students will next time be more excited to attend your class. Easy steps to being a better teacher
  • Be Patient – Be patient, that’s the main role of a good teacher. Never lose your patience in front of any of your student. Always treats them, like your mother treated you in your childhood. If a child ask same question 50 times, only mother explains that to her child every 50 times with the same smile. Be like that mother to your students. They will love you. Easy steps to being a better teacher

Try applying the above mentioned facts and steps in your teaching; you will definitely become a good teacher for our students. A student never ever forgets a teacher who has taught him/her the basics of their life. You can make a place of you in your student’s heart forever. Easy steps to being a better teacher

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