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Falsafa Movie Review
Falsafa Movie Review

Each Friday comes up with a new movie release and Falsafa is the great one. The action-drama movie is going to entertain you in a true manner and here it is. Falsafa movie has been directed by Himanshu Yadav. The movie comes up with brilliant performers such as Manit joura, Geetanjili Singh, Ridhima Grover, Sumit Gulati, etc., Let’s check it out more in Falsafa Movie Review in detailed manner.

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Falsafa Movie Review
Falsafa Movie Review
  • Genre – Action
  • Star Cast – Manit Joura, Geetanjali Singh, Ridhima Grover, Sumit Gulati
  • Director –Himanshu Yadav
  • Rating –  3/5

Story of Falsafa Movie

The story of this movie revolves around Aman’s parents who have been murdered. And he is full of anger and wants to take revenge on. On the other hand, the heroine of the movie is Isha whose father is also dead and she is very much agreed that it was a murder. You have to head to a movie theatre in order to know more about it. The content of the movie is really good and it would not let you bore. The story of the movie has been written in a great way and that makes sense too. It is needless to say that this movie is worth to watch.

Why Should You Watch Falsafa Movie

In short, this movie is actually all about a philosophical drama movie where one follows the wrong path while other one goes with evil decisions because of a moment and this is that place from where the movie actually starts on. Aman’s parents have already been murdered and this takes him towards the path seeking revenge.

  • First, this movie comes up with good direction work and it lifts up its standard to a great level.
  • The next thing is that production work has been done in this movie is good.
  • Screenplay work is done in this movie also adds a great value to this value.

What is All About The Negative Points of the Movie

  • The editing done in this movie is not that way much good. And if it would be done in a great way, the movie would have done in a great way.
  • Moreover, the next thing making this movie a bit weaker is its cinematography as it just averages.
  • Though music production of this movie could also be greater it is average.

In The Last 

Overall the movie is good though. You will stay glued to your chair and would not feel anymore. The best thing is that it will make you get filled with new energy right from the core of the heart as the movie content is crisp and easy-to-digest. And you should go ahead to watch it. So, what are you waiting for? Go and watch this movie.

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