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2.0 Movie review
2.0 Movie review

And the most awaited movie is waiting for you? Yes!!! We are talking about movie review 2.0. Rajnikanth starrer movie has already created a great buzz at the forefront. Let’s check it out all about this 2.0 Movie Review as we do understand all about your curiosity.

2.0 Movie Review | Hindi Movies | Bollywood Movies | HD Movie Counter | Movie Download

2.0 Movie review
2.0 Movie review
  • Genre – Action
  • Star Cast – Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson
  • Director – Shankar
  • Rating –  3.5/5

Story of 2.0 Movie

How many of your eager to know about the story of 2.0? There would be many of you. And here we are going to elaborate all about this in a discreet manner. To put in simple words, 2.0 is quite simple and can also be explained easily within 2 lines. We would not like to spoil your curiosity to watch a movie and therefore will prefer to share only that Dr. Waseegaran comes up with a new robot and that is Nila. The character is being played by Amy Jackson. The aim of Waseegaran is brining Chitti back but he could not because of back-door politics. In short, the movie is just full of entertainment and you will surely love it. 2.0 Movie review

Star Performance in Movie

Let’s know all about the start performance lifting up the value of this movie at the forefront and making moviegoers go ahead and watch this.

  • Rajinikanth – Do we need to say anything about this actor’s performance? Of course, Not. Rajnikanth is who makes this movie completely special. The best thing is that the charm of Rajnikanth is increasing day-by-day with his age.
  • Akshay Kumar – And this is absolutely a delight for the Akshay Kumar’s fan too. Yes!!! Though he comes up with a limited screen space, it is enough to leave an impression on you. He portrayed all the emotional angles in a very beautiful way.
  • Amy Jackson – She does not only looks beautiful but also put the best efforts to leave an incredible impression on the people. And the best thing is that she got success in delivering the best performance and impresses you.

And the Supporting cast has also put the best efforts to add incredible glam to the movie.

Why Should You Go For Watching Movie 

There would be many of you want to know that why should you go for watching this movie. And here we are going to put light on it. Let’s check it out.

  • If you are a die-hard RajniKanth’s fan then you must go for this movie as you will surely love it.
  • This movie is just a great amalgamation of emotions, entertainment, and story. It means watching this movie will not regret you over your decision.
  • The direction and songs of the movie are also incredible. And you will not feel that you are not getting yourself connected with the movie.
  • Apart from it, other aspects that make a movie best one is also enough strong indicating that this movie is worth to watch.

Last Words 

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to Movie counter to book ticket near theatre. This movie has been made adding the INR 550 Crores and you should not miss the chance. Do book the tickets for this movie and go with your family.

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Have a Happy Movie Time… 

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