Gandhigiri movie review

Gandhigiri movie review
Gandhigiri movie review

The much awaited Bollywood Film produced by Aagaman films Pvt. Ltd. of Sudhir Jain & Pratap Singh Yadav has released and now in theatre to entertain you. The great thing about this movie which makes it stand out from all other Bollywood movies is that it lays emphasis on Gandhiji’s values in this brutal world. Here, we are going to check out this movie through our magnifying glasses in order to help you to have an idea that if it matches your taste or not.

Gandhigiri movie review

  • Genre – Drama
  • Star Cast – Om Puri, Sanjay Mishra, Rishi Bhutani, Anupam Shyam, Dolly Chawla, Meghna Halder, Mukesh Tiwari
  • Director – Sanoj Mishra
  • Rating –  2 /5

Story of the movie

The story of this movie revolves around a NRI (Non-Residential Indian) Rai Saheb, who is a true Gandhian. There are four other people, who are criminals and try to rob Rai Saheb’s car when he gets back to India and these people end up in jail for doing so. They have adopted the wrong path due to corruption in India.Gandhigiri movie review

But instead of punishing them he bails them out of the jail and takes a vow that he will change their lives. He teaches them the value of Gandhi Ji’s beliefs. The movie is trying to give a social message and entertain the audience by making them laugh both at the same point and they end up confusing the audiences. If you do not have much patience and tolerance power then this movie is not meant for you.Gandhigiri movie review

Performance of Stars

  • Om Puri- The veteran actor tries his best to save the film by his acting skills but somehow he fails to do so because of inexperienced co-actors. But, he has done justice to his role, where he is playing to be Gandhi follower. The best thing about him is that he never fails to amaze us. Gandhigiri movie review
  • Sanjay Mishra- He is known for his great works in Indian cinema. He has no undoubtedly worked very hard for his role of a criminal, Bakait Singh. He has played his role quite well in the movie.
  • Anupam Shyam- He also has a prominent role in the movie. He is acting to be Kranti Pandey and has done fine job to his role. Gandhigiri movie review

Music of Movie

The music of the movie is given by well-known singers such as Ankit Tiwari, Sunidhi Chouhan, Mohammad Irfaan, Sujatha and Masha. When we talk about the music it is just fine as none of song number has become a hit. And the timing of the songs in movie is completely out of sync which makes people wonder that what is wrong with them, why are they singing and dancing. Gandhigiri movie review

Direction of movie

The movie is directed by Sanoj Mishra. The whole story revolves around a NRI and four criminals. The main motive of the movie is to teach the values of Gandhi Ji to the people who are on wrong path. The screenplay of the movie is very nice. The story somewhere lacks to give a direct message to the audience.Gandhigiri movie review

Why to watch Gandhigiri

  • If you believe that world can be a better place by being a Gandhian then this movie has a lot for you.
  • Another big reason for watching this movie is Om Puri as he is back after a long time in the role of NRI who is a true Gandhian. If you admire him for his acting skills then you will love him even more after watching this movie. Gandhigiri movie review
  • To remove the corruption from India and to put the people on right path. This movie is a must watch.

Gandhigiri has already hit the cinemas on October 21, 2016. What are you waiting for? Book your tickets for this weekend and be a true Gandhian. We wish that you may have a happy time watching this movie.

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