Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh, an Indian state, is hard to describe with in limited words. There are a number of places which add great popularity to this state. In this connection, Hamirpur cannot be ignored at any rate.Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

Today, we are going to explore a lot about Hamirpur. Let’s check out what we have put together to lift up the ratio of your knowledge regarding Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh.

Best Places To Explore In Hamirpur

In section, we are going to explore about Hamirpur. There are many places which you must know before scheduling a visit to Hamirpur. Let’s go.Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

  1. Sujanpura Tila– It is the must visit place. During your visit, you must make a stroll to Sujanpura Tila. It holds great value as a historical and religious centre both. It was the home of the popular king Sansar Chand in the era of the 19th Here, you can explore various places like Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
    Hamirpura - Himachal Pradesh
    Sujanpur Tira
  • Murli Manohar Temple – This temple belongs to Lord Krishna and popular among the local people. During visit you can go here to take blessing of Lord KrishnaHamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
  • Sujanpura Tila – For the history lovers, Sujanpura Fort is perfect to go. Here, you can come across about the glorious history of this place. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
  • Gauri Shankar Temple– It is another temple associate to God Of Gods, Lord Shiva. A heavy footfall can be seen on Shivratri. People have great firm. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
  • Narbadeshwar Temple: – This temple is widely popular among the people. The peaceful environment of the temple will make you feel good and stress-free. It is located in Sujanpura. This marvellous temple was established by the chief queen of Maharaja Sansar Chand. This temple is full of small temples dedicated to various god and goddess like Durga, Ganesh, Laxmi Narayan, Mardini etc. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
    Hamirpur - Himachal Pradesh
    Navdeshwar Temple
  1. Nadaun: – It is situated at the bank of the River Beas. It is very popular. There was a time, it was the capital of the Kangra ruler. You must go here for strolling Shaktipeeth Jawala ji temple
    Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

    Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

  2. Bachhretu Fort: – This fort is just outstanding by its looks. It is situated on the western slope of Kotdhar. It was established by the ruler Raja Ratan Chand of Bilaspur and it is placed at the height of 3000 of sea level. It is 61 km away from Hamirpur. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
  3. Peer-Shaheb Grave – It is situated 30 km away from Hamirpur and very popular among the visitors and local tourists both. As per the local history, this grave belongs to a famous saint of this area. People hold blind faith upon him. People come here to worship him and for getting their blessings.
  4. Kalanjari Devi temple: – It is established on the Hamirpur-Awah road and hold the distance of 6 km away from Hamirpur. It is 200 years old temple and that’s why people have great faith about this temple and place. Every year a huge fair is organized and devotees as well as saints come all around the world to seek blessings. It is believed that wishes get fulfilled if you come here to seek blessings. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
  5. Jhanyari Devi Temple – This temple is also 200 years old. At this place, a fair is organised every year. This temple is very popular in this region and people hold great respect regarding this temple. This temple belongs to Goddess Kul-devi. Visiting this temple will add great memory to your Hamirpur journey.
    Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
    Jhaniari Mata Temple
  6. Gasota Mahadev Temple – It is placed on Hamirpur-jahaoo road and it is 8km away from the main city Hamirpur. This temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery.
  7. Awah-Devi Temple – When it comes about the popularity of the temple, the name of Awah-devi temple comes first in the mind. IT is very popular and 250 years old. This magnificent and historical value holder temple belongs to Awah Devi. Since it is established top of the hill, one can explore the mind-blowing scenes. During Navratra, Huge crowd can be seen here. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
    Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
    Awah devi temple
  8. Baba Balak Nath Temple – It is located 45 km away from Hamirpur and widely popular. Since it belongs to Baba Balak Nath, it got its name Baba Balak Nath Temple. It is believed that Baba Balak Nath did meditation here and that’s why it turned into a popular and sacred place. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
    Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
    Baba balak nath temple
  9. Bil-kaleshwar Temple – It is quite strange that this temple is 400 years old. In the month of May-June, a fair is also organised here. Devotees and pilgrims all around the world come here to seek blessings.
  10. Tauni Devi Temple – Hamirpur journey will not be considered without stepping into the famous temple called Tauni Devi Temple. It belong to Lord Durga. This deity is considered the mark of power and incredible stamina. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
    Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
    Tauni devi temple
  11. Naina Devi Temple– This temple is widely known all across the world. It is one of the must-visit places of Hamirpur and you should not skip it. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

What You Must Not Miss

After stepping up into Hamirpur, you can’t hold your heart trying these adventurous things like

  • Trekking – This place is blessed with marvellous beauty as well as it is a perfect place for them who love going for trekking. There is a great opportunity for them who love to get indulged with this fun.
  • Paragliding – For the adventure lovers, paragliding is just a perfect thing to go.
  • Rafting – And this one is the next in this list. You can’t imagine your Hamirpur journey perfect without going for Rafting.Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
  • For the foodie – Here, you must not skip testing delicious food. You may head to renowned food points like Darbar Café House, Maya Hotel, and Celebrations etc. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

Best Time To Reach Hamirpur

The best time comes in between the month of September to June. During winter, temperatures remain in between 19 to 32 degrees Celsius while in summer it goes with 22 to 38 degree Celsius. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

How To Reach

  • By Air: – Gaggal Airport is the nearest airport, which is 83 km away from Hamirpur. Apart from it, Chandigarh and Shimla Airport is the next which takes roughly 3 and a half hour to reach from Hamirpur. It is well-connected to the renowned cities of the country. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
  • By Train: – Kiratpur, UNA and Ranital is the nearest railway gauge. One can reach here by train without facing any kind of hassle. Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh
  • By Road: – Hamirpur is well-connected to every city of Himachal Pradesh through bus service.

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