Home remedies to treat Alcoholism


Home_remedies_to_ treat_AlcoholismAs per the doctor taking the correct amount of alcohol is good for health. It recharges you and keep you fit and fine. Being a part of fast paced life, we all want to get relaxed after coming back to home. In this connection, many of us take a glass of wine to jazz up the mood and come over the frustration. But how you come to know that if you have crossed the line and the good habit has turned into a bad habit called Alcoholism.Home remedies to treat Alcoholism

Home remedies to treat Alcoholism

Home remedies to treat AlcoholismThough it is true that taking limited amount of wine helps you to cope with difficulties and make you feel good. But when it is taken in an excessive amount, it becomes quite dangerous for health. To know if you have become addicted, then you must go through the whole article as we are going to explore about the sign, symptoms and treatment in a discreet manner. Let’s take a look. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism


Alcoholism stands for alcohol use disorder. To put in another words, when you behave like an alcohol-dependence individual. It happens cause of drinking it so much which leads your body to get dependent on alcohol. In this case, alcohol becomes the most important thing in your life means you can’t go without taking it.

You find yourself weird. Without taking it, you do not feel easy and because of feeling uneasy you want to have a glass of alcohol as soon as possible. Alcoholic person stops caring about other important things like job, family etc. His or her life starts revolving around the wine bottle. It is all about Alcoholism. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism


There is no particular cause responsible for Alcoholism. It is all about habit. When you drink in excessive amount, it leads towards chemical changes in the brain. These chemical changes make you feel good when you drink. If you skip, you do not get overwhelmed with the pleasurable feelings. This habit develops gradually means it takes time to make you alcoholic. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism


  • You even do not care about your job, career or future since you are completely dependent on alcohol.
  • You do not find enough stamina to control yourself. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism
  • You even do not feel made while making funny or irrelevant excuses to drink
  • If you love drinking alone. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism
  • If you drink in an excessive amount to make yourself feel the high dose of alcohol.
  • You never want anyone to interrupt you while drinking and get quite angry if anyone try to stop you.
  • You do not love eating or eat but not properly. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism
  • If you do not care how it affects your health badly. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism
  • If you do not serve value to other important things except drinking. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism
  • If you do not care that your image is being affected just because you drink a lot.
  • After drinking, you are not able to keep the thing in your mind. They get slip.


  • EXERCISE – It is not required to keep you healthy, but it also helps you to get rid of alcohol. It plays a wide role to reduce stress, fights depression as well as lift up the mood. And there is a number of alcohol rehab program which also emphasize the importance of exercise. Running, biking, swimming are the name of the few exercise helps to make you away from stressHome remedies to treat Alcoholism
  • DANDELION :-Needless to explore about it. It is a kind of herb which is used widely to treat this problem. Taking it helps to rejuvenate the liver tissues. Not only this, but it improves overall health as well. You need take 1 tablespoon dandelion and boil it by 5 to 10 minutes. You must drink 2 or 3 cups in a day on a daily basis. You may continue it for a couple of months. If you are not able to go along with this then you may take500 mg of dandelion root capsule 2 or 3 times in a day. But first you must consult your doctor.
  • BITTERGOURD :-When it comes about home remedy to treat this disease, nothing can be greater than Bitter Gourd. It is quite helpful to eliminate the negative things from your body. The damaged liver also gets recovered. Take bitter gourd leave to get juice and add three tablespoon juice in a glass of buttermilk. You must take it on a daily basis on an empty stomach. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism
  • DATES: -They are easily available as well as hold great taste. It is considered quite helpful to help someone wish to quit alcohol. So, if you wish to get healthy as soon as possible, then you must add this fruit in your diet.
  • GRAPES :-It is another fruit in this list help you to come over the alcohol cravings. One of the great things about Grapes that wine is made of it. And when it is consumed the patient, it helps to satisfy them. In your diet, you must add grapes as much as you can. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism
  • HEALTHY DIET:– Someone has said rightly that taking healthy diet means staying away from a lot of disease automatically. But not only this, actually healthy diet helps you keep your mood happy and great. To get dependent on alcohol belongs to your mood. When you tense or depressed, you wish to eat something which helps you to ignore that and make your mood pleasant. Taking healthy food helps you to add value to your will power. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism

This disease is spreading over too fast, especially in the youth who sometime not find themselves to bear the burden of expectations, loss of job, not getting good marks in exam and so on. And that’s why the value of creating a healthy environment cannot be ignored. Put your efforts to make the indoor atmosphere healthy and tension free so no one gets tensed after stepping into the house. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism

So, what are you waiting for? It is the right time to take steps towards your health. Make yourself fit and healthy as much as you can. Never do compromised with your health. If you find yourself a bit more tense or depressed then you must consult doctor instead of going along with the alcohol. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism

If we have missed something here then do not forget to drop your comment. We really appreciate your feedback as they keep us motivated. Home remedies to treat Alcoholism

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