Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

Ganesh_ Pol_ of Amber_ fort_Jaipur_Rajasthan_India
Ganesh Pol of Amber fort

Why Jaipur is called Pink City…?  If it is dipped in pink shade…? Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan
No, there is nothing like this but the reason behind getting the name Pink City is that it adds beautiful pink hue to your journey when you come to visit it. Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

This incredible place holds a number of must-visit places, a number of fairs and festivals, colourful markets and much more. You may not believe. But yes!!! It is true. One cannot explore the whole city within 2 or 3 days but you have to spare time at least 5-6 days.  Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

Let me explain WHY. Actually, the pink city holds nearly 19 incredibly beautiful monuments, more than 11 religious places, a total number of 10 museum and 5 stunning gardens and park. Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

Well!!! We have narrowed down some very popular places which you must not skip to visit. Take a look.

Places to visit in Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

1. Amber Fort and Palace: – It is situated around 11 kilometre away from Jaipur, amber fort was built in 1592 by Raja Man Singh and expanded by Raja Jai Singh I. It is made from red sandstone and marble stone showing the great amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim architecture. There is a total number of 3 entrances and 4 courtyards. Diwan-i-Aam is one of the 4 courtyards serve you a great opportunity to enjoy elephant riding.

Jaipur - Pink city of Rajasthan
Amber Fort – Jaipur
  • What is Entry Cost: It is INR 25 for Indian and 200 rupees for foreigners. For enjoying elephant ride, you have to pay 900 rupees for two people.  Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan
  • What about Opening Hours: It remains open in between 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. during the day and at night the timing is 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

2. City Palace:- Visiting Pink City would not be considered complete without going City Palace. In between 1729 to 1732 AD, it was constructed by Sawai Jai Singh II. Earlier there was a Chandra Mahal which has been converted into museum installed with a wide array of handcrafted products. Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

Jaipur - Pink city of Rajasthan
City Palace – Jaipur
  • What is the Entry Cost: You have to pay INR 75 if Indian and 300 rupees for foreigners.
  • What about the Opening Hours: It remains open daily in between 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

3. Hawa Mahal: – It is another not-to-miss tourist destination situated in Jaipur. In 1799, it was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh. This stunning five story building holds 953 windows. And the great thing is that there is no stairs to reach another story as slop connects all floors to each-others. Here, you also make a stroll to the archaeological museum. The reason behind having a number of windows is so that Royal women of Rajput family can view what is happening in the city.  Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

Jaipur - Pink city of Rajasthan
Hawa Mahal – Jaipur
  • Entry Cost: There is 50 rupees for foreigners and 10 rupees for Indians.
  • Opening Hours: The timing of Hawa Mahal is 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. daily.

4. NAHARGARH FORT – This magnificent fort was built in 1734 and situated 600 ft. above the city. It also holds the great architecture pretty much similar to Hawa Mandir and Madhvendra Bhwan. Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

Jaipur - Pink city of Rajasthan
Nahargarh Fort -Jaipur
  • Entry Cost: Being a foreigner, you have to pay 30 rupees and the entry cost for Indian is 10 rupees.
  • Opening Hours: It remains open all day from 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. daily. Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

5. JALMAHAL – It is situated nearly 6 kms away from Amer. Though it is small palace, but surely rule over your heart because of its beautiful architecture. It is set in the middle of Man Sagar Lake enough to enthral you.

Jaipur - Pink city of Rajasthan
Jal Mahal – Jaipur

6. JAIGARH FORT – In it is another fort in the queue of must visit places in Jaipur. It is situated on a hilltop and the whole city look incredible at this height. It is world’s biggest cannon on wheels. Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

Jaipur - Pink city of Rajasthan
Jaigarh Fort – Jaipur
  • Timing it remains open in between 10.00 to 16.45 hrs.
  • And the entry fee is Rs. 15.00 for Indians & for foreigners it is 20.00.

7. BIRLA PLANETARIUM – if you hold great interest to know about across the earth, the Birla Planetarium is the right place to head. Here, you will come to more about stars through its modern computerised project with the help of audio-visual education. And the entry fee is INR 20.   Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

8. LAXMI NARAYAN TEMPLE – In search of incredible peace, you can head to Laxmi Narayan Temple. This beautiful temple is made from white marble it’s also known as Birla Temple.

Jaipur - Pink city of Rajasthan
Birla Temple – Jaipur

9. KANAK VRINDAVAN – It is 6.5 km away from Amer and quite popular as the favourite picnic spot. To get entered, you have to pay INR 4 and the timing is 8.00 to 17.00.  Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

Jaipur - Pink city of Rajasthan
kanak Vrindavan – Jaipur

10. Monkey Temple: – Actually Monkey Temple is the part of a larger temple complex. This temple complex holds three sacred pools of water. Since there are many monkeys it is called the Monkey temple. These monkeys are quite friendly, no need to afraid from them.  Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

  • Entry Cost: There is not entry free, be it Indian or foreigner.
  • Opening Hours: It remains open morning to evening.

11. Government Central Museum: – This museum is stuffed with precious woodcarvings, paintings, arts, crafts, local kings, costumes and much more. Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

  • Entry Cost: Being a foreigner, you have to pay 150 rupees and the entry cost of an Indian is 20 rupees.
  • Opening Hours: IT remains open in between 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. daily.

Fair and Festivals

  • Gagaur festival: – celebrated by girls and women to wish a long life of their husband/future husband.
  • Kite festival: – it is enjoyed on makar Sankranti by flying kites in the sky.
  • Elephant festival: – on this day, elephants are worshipped as they have hold great place in Hindu mythology.
  • Sitla mata fair: – To get rid of all tension, goddess Sitla is worshipped here.
  • Donkey Festival :- To add more fun to life, Donkey festival is organised which revolves around competition like decorating donkey, donkey racing etc.,    Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan

Things to do in Jaipur

  • It does not serve you only a wide array of must-visit places, but it is oozing with a number of things to lure the shopaholics. Here, you can purchase stunning silver jewellery, blue pottery, textiles, clothes and incredible gemstones and much more. To explore all these things, you must head too Jhori Bazaar which is widely known for inexpensive costume jewellery, gold, silver, bangles and much more. Before stepping out for the market, make sure it should not be Sunday as many shop remain closed on this day.
  • Elefantastic:- Do you love to see elephants? If yes!!! Then nothing can be exciting rather than visiting. It was established in 2012 to pamper this type of giant creature.
  • Dera Amer Elephant Safari: – if you do not enjoy it that means going to miss a wide chunk of entertainment. To enjoy Elephant safari, you Amer Fort is the right place. On a great height, you will get an amazing view of the city.
  • Jantar Mantar Observatory:-If you wish to look into the glorious past to know how they were creative, must head to Jantar Mantar. It is ranked amongst the largest observatories of the world and you must not skip it. It was constructed during the period of Maharaja Jai Singh II.   Jaipur – Pink city of Rajasthan
    Jaipur - Pink city of Rajasthan
    Jantar Mantar – Jaipur

How to reach

  • BY AIR: – The nearest airport is situated near Sanganer13 km away from Jaipur. Domestic airlines are engaged to serve a great service to all the major cities of the country.
  • BY TRAIN: – It is well-connected via train as well. One can reach here direct from Delhi, Agra, Howrah, Bangalore, Ahmedabad etc.
  • BY ROAD: – An excellent road network makes Jaipur to access by Road. Be it Deluxe Buses, AC or Ordinary buses, you can hire anyone as per your convenience.

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