Kangra- Himachal Pradesh

Kangra- Himachal Pradesh
Kangra- Himachal Pradesh

Once capital of the majestic state of Kangra, this teeming town 18km away from Dharamshala, is a good day trip from McLeod Ganj. It is a tourist destination situated on the convergence zone of Manjhi and Benganga streams of Himachal Pradesh. The enthralling town of Kangra is one the most scenic valleys in Himachal Pradesh. If is also frequently known as Dev Bhumi, meaning residence of the Gods. Kangra- Himachal Pradesh

Kangra- Himachal Pradesh

Kangra fort- Himachal Pradesh
Kangra fort- Himachal Pradesh

This rich green valley is enclosed by the marvellous white peaks of the Dhauladhar Range. The beauty and the allure of this wonderfully dispersed valley immersed in forests of Deodar, Apple orchards, green tea gardens and sloping terraced farms, lies in flawless charm.Kangra has something to offer to every visitor, activities like paragliding and trekking for the adventurous bunch, peaceful monasteries for those yearning for some repose, magnificent landscapes and lush green forests for the nature-lovers and photographers. Kangra- Himachal Pradesh

Major Tourist Destinations 

  • Kareri Lake: The glorious Kareri Lake is set at a height of 2943m above sea level, and can be accessed through a trekking passage. The lake feeds on the water that comes from the Dhauladhar Range when the snow melts. Kangra- Himachal Pradesh
  • Masrur Temple Complex: An eminent tourist destination of Kangra located at a distance of 15km from the South Kangra. It was constructed in the 10th century and sculpted from a single piece of rock in the Indo-Aryan architectural style. The complex comprises 15 temples, where in the chief temple is devoted to the Hindu deities Ram, Lakshman and Sita. Kangra- Himachal Pradesh
  • The Kangra Art Museum: This museum is located at the Kotwali Bazaar which also the central shopping area of Kangra. It was established in the 18thcentury and exhibits art work that dates back to the 5th century miniature paintings, sculptures, pottery and anthropological items, old brass and silver coins, jewellery and ancient manuscripts. Kangra- Himachal Pradesh
  • Nadaun: It is a picturesque village close by, perfect for a thrilling experience or some peace of mind. Snuggled between emerald green valleys and dappled with orange trees, this valley offers scope for river rafting in the Beas River, also famous for its extremely tricky treks and walks across the beautiful Apple orchards, andits art and cultural center, and renowned Kangra school of painting. Kangra- Himachal Pradesh
  • The Kangra Fort: Also known as The Kot Kangra, this fort stands on a scarped cliff opening out over the valley. It is situated in the northwest corner of the old Kangra town. The main entrance gate, called the Ranjit Singh Gate, leads to the most appreciated piece of architecture in the fort, the temples of Vajreshwari Devi and Sitala, the chambers of which are exquisitely embellished with carvings. Kangra- Himachal Pradesh

Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple, Sujanpur Fort, Pong Lake Sanctuary, McLeod Ganj, Tarahgarh Palace, are some of the other prominent tourist attractions of Kangra. Kangra- Himachal Pradesh

Famous Festivals

The International Himalaya Festival, conducted annually in the month of December, is a renowned festival of the region, commemorated to mark the moment when His Holiness Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Prize for his peace initiatives. The chief motive of this festival is to strengthen unity among Tibetans.

Best Time to Visit

The months between September and June are a great time to visit Kangra because, while the summer with a comfortable temperature of 22-30 degrees is preferred by the trekkers, the months between September and November are ideal for sightseeing, outings and visiting the temples and forts. January is a very bad time to visit is the cold is intolerable with the temperature dipping to sub zero levels.

How to Reach

  • By Air: Gaggal is the nearest airport, located at a distance of 8km from Kangra town. Jason airlines and Indian airlines fly their regular flights to reach Kangra.
  • By Rail: If one is entering Kangra by rail then it’s suggested to get off at the Kangra Mandir Station. Nearest railway station is at Kangra, which is 17km away from Dharamshala and connects to Pathankot through narrow gauge railway track. Private taxis and buses services are available from the station to Kangra city.
  • By Road: Kangra’s bus stop lies 5 minutes away from the central bazaar. Kangra can be reached via Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla, Manali and Pathankot covering a distance if 510km.

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