MahaKaleshwar Temple – Ujjain

Mahakaleshwar_ temple_Ujjain_MP_India
Mahakaleshwar Temple
Guest_House_near_ MahaKaleshwar Temple - Ujjain
Guest House near Mahakal Mandir

MahaKaleshwar Temple – Ujjain is dedicated to Gods of God Lord Shiva. It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas situated all across in India. It is believed that the lingam at the Mahakal is Swayabhu which means it born on its own. Swayabhu belong to the incredible power of Shakti. The idol established in this temple is quite different and unique among other Jyotirlingas. The residence of Ujjain regard that Mahakal is their king. Though no one know when it was established but it is considered that it quite old and hold power to take you back 1000 words.

Market_near_ Mahakal_ Mandir_Ujjain_MP_India
Market near Mahakal Mandir


Shipra_ river_in Ujjain_MP_India
Shipra River

Let’s Take A Look Inside The History Of Ujjain

It is tough to say when MahaKaleshwar Temple came into existence. But there are many things narrate its archaic and historical values both. There was a time when Ujjain was a capital of Great Maharaja Vikramaditya. He was widely popular because of his very kind and brave king. After Vikramaditya, Gupt came and ruled over this place. Parmars took the charge after Gupt and dominated over Ujjain between 9th and 10th centuries. On that time India parted into many regions. After that Muslim ruled over Ujjain about 500 years. In the last,  the British ruled.

What Is All About Mahakaleshwar

  • The three storied temple is situated on the side of the Rudra Sagara Lake.
  • MahaKaleshwar Lingam has been installed at the beneath part and Nagachandresvara was installed at the uppermost part of the temple.
  • Devotees can see Nagachandresvara at the festival time of Nag Panchmi.
  • If it is talked about the interior of the temple, it takes you back in the history. Here, the inner and outer walls are decorated with various sculptures. And they have been carved out at the time of Parmar period.
  • Let’s look at the east side of the temple, there is a wide veranda adjacent to the way which lead towards GarBhgraha.
  • On the other hand, Lord Rama and Goddess Avantika are situated at the northern side of the temple.
  • There are a number of small temples established during the reign of Shinde at the southern side of the temple.
  • In the temple complex, a lofty Kunda known as Koti Tirtha was established in the sarvatobhadra style.
  • The outer side of the MahaKaleshwar is quite outstanding and stunning which explore all about the north-Indian style.

 Things You Must Not Skip

  • Why should Not you Miss Bhasam Aarti:- Here, you must not skip to attend the Bhasm Aarti. Yes!!! Visiting MahaKaleshwar Temple is incomplete if you do not attend this special Bhasm Aarti. This Aarti is performed every day at the temple and it is considered as a task to wake up the Gods of God Lord Shiva. This Aarti is quite and special as the inclusion of “Bhasm”, ash from funeral pyres is offered. It is added and considered sacred as Lord Shiva is regarded as the God of Time or Death. And it is not performed until fresh ash is not brought.
  • To Perform Your Own Puja: – After Bhasam Aarti, you are allowed to ask for your own puja. And you may have to spend a couple of hours as many people visit temple especially for this reason. To take entry to watch this aarti, there are two ways. One is always for all without paying anything while another is VIP way as you have to pay the required amount to make a quick entry. Apart from it, you have to attire special traditional apparels to make an entry into the temple. And males have to wear traditional dhoti while women have to go along with Sari. If you wish to perform your separate puja, you must have knowledge of these factors.
  • How to Get VIP Tickets: – The VIP tickets window at the shrine board does not remain open throughout the day. But you have to fetch it between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Let’s Know About The Temple Timing And Types Of Aarti 

  • Temple Timing: – In the early morning at 4:00 AM, it gets open and remains till 11:00 PM.
  • Types of Aarti:- There is a three types of Aarti performed and they have been cited below along with their timing.
  • Bhasma Aarti: It is performed in between 4:00 to 6:00 AM.
  • Naivedya Aarti: Generally it is organised in between 7:30 to 8:15AM but in summer, the time gets changed as Naivedya Aarti is organised in between 7:00 to 7:45AM.
  • Sandhya Aarti: It is performed in between 6:30 –to 7:00 PM. And In Summer, it is performed in between 7:-00 – 7:30 PM.
  • Shayan Aarti: It is the last Aarti of the day performed at 10:30 PM.


  • Mandu: In Madhya Pradesh, it is situated in Dhar District. Mandu is surrounded by nature paradise and historical places.
  • Bagh Caves: It has been carved out of rock dove. It is perfect to make a visit if you wish to go through a place used as for meditation by the Buddhist monks. This cave is decorated with the paintings as same as Ajanta.
  • Indore: In Madhya Pradesh, Indore is known as the largest metro city and welcome you to have a great experience.What To Visit in Indore: – There are many places to visit and some of them are – Gandhi Hall,Kamla Nehru Zoo,Central Museum,Chhatris,Kanch Mandir,Lal Bagh Palace,Rajwada,
  • Omkareshwar: For the devotees, it is a great place. Every year, many devotees come here to take the blessings. This island is also known as Mandhata Omkareshwar and Shivapuri. You must not skip River Side Temples and Boat Ride as they attract tourists towards it.
  • Maheshwar: It is another perfect place in this list situated on the bank of the holy Narmada River. Your journey can become memorable if you make visit to Maheshwar Fort and go for river-side temples.
  • Bhopal: It is a widely popular place situated in Madhya Pradesh state. This place is perfect for the fun seekers. You can go for Museums, Van Vihar, lakes etc.

Do You Know What Is The Best Time To Visit

Though this place is quite sacred and devotees/visitors can visit it throughout the year but during festive time. Apart from it, the best time to visit this incredible temple comes on Shivaratri. To be a part of the temple’s celebration, you can make a visit to the MahaKaleshwar Temple in between the month of February to March. This time is perfect to see the magic of faith and the trust which the devotees hold in Gods of God Lord Shiva.

What To Keep in Mind While Visiting

  • Photography is not allowed into the temple premises.
  • Smoking is also strictly prohibited in the temple.
  • Before stepping in Temple, you must have to remove your shoes.
  • Some kind of stuff is also not allowed to carry like wallet, purse, belts etc., inside the temple.
  • Apart from it, all sorts of electronic items are also not allowed to carry.

Let’s Come To Know How To Reach MahaKaleshwar Temple

  • By Train – Ujjain is well connected to all major railway stations all across in India including Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmadabad etc. To catch the direct train, you must head to Bhopal, Malwa, Delhi, Indore etc.
  • By Road – Bus service is also served to reach Ujjain. In between, Gwalior, Ahmadabad, Bhopal, Indore, many buses are available.
  • By Air – Though this city does not hold its own Airport, but you can reach by Air as the nearest Airport is Ahilya-Devi. It is just about 60 km away from Ujjain. Ahilya Devi Airport located in Indore ha wide international and domestic connectivity.

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