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MastiZaade – Movie Review
MastiZaade – Movie Review

Though it’s difficult to imagine, but it’s true that this time Sunny Leone is not pretty much impressive. Let me clear you. No, it’s not being talked about her body, but her recently released film Mastizaade. A week after Kya Kool Hain Hum 3, another sexy comedy hit the theater. But the point is if it is creating a great buzz or not? And the answer is YES and NO both. Lets us check out in Mastizaade Movie Review in detail manner.

Mastizaade Movie Review | HD Movie Download| Bollywood Movies | Hindi Movies

MastiZaade – Movie Review
MastiZaade – Movie Review
  • Genre – Sexy Comedy
  • Star Cast – Sunny Leone, Tusshar, Vir Das, Suresh Menon, Shaad Randhawa, Asrani
  • Director – Milap Milan Zaveri
  • Rating –  1/5

Whether you check its reviews or social sites, everywhere it is being criticised. In a nutshell, it can be said Mastizaade is not going to entertain you because of its comedy, script or acting but Sunny Leone’s Body. If you are a die-hard fan of Sunny Leone and you can taste anything if it’s associated with the name of Sunny Leone then you are welcome to theatre otherwise you must drop your idea to head towards theatre. Well!!! We are going to analyse Mastizaade through our magnify glass. You may change your plan if find something matched to your taste. Let’s take a look.

What Entertains in Mastizaade

There are two things which add value to this movie Sunny Leone and Vir Das.

  • SUNNY LEONE :- Mastizaade is nothing without Sunny Leone. And she does not leave any stone to enthral you. Sunny Leone appears in every scene and looks very sexy. And the great thing is that she is playing double role as Laila and Lily in this movie. Seeing Sunny Leone in double role will be a double treat for Sunny’s fan.
  • VIR DAS :-Apart from Sunny, the acting of Vir Das is another thing which adds value to this movie. The outstanding comic timing of Vir Das makes you laugh. He easily gets into the skin of his role. He comfortably played his role and look cool with Tusshar Kapoor. Vir Das leaves marks because of his excellent acting.

Negative points of Mastizaade

Though Mastizaade holds a number of negative points but 3 are more irritating described below.

  • STRETCHED JOKE: – Nothing can be irritated more than seeing the stretched joke which you already you know. And you will come across this situation a number of times while watching Mastizaade.
  • SURESH MENON: – One of the most irritating thing in this movie is the role of stereotyped gay played by Suresh Menon. It’s totally unnecessary and does not garnish the movie at all. Next time, he must think twice before playing this type of role. Instead of entertaining, he does not leave any stone to make this film a hell.
  • CLIMAX: – Not only the whole film, but its climax is also very bad. I do not why this movie has been written.


Mastizaade holds a number of double meaning dialogues which can make you laugh. You must head theatre if you love Sexy Sunny Leone. Apart from it, Vir Das’s acting and songs also entertain you. But if you do not have any sorts of interest to watch this genre movie, then you must not spare time for this movie. Instead of entertaining, it can frustrate you.

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