Mirja juuliet movie review

Mirja juuliet movie review
Mirja juuliet movie review

This Friday another movie hit the floor called Mirja Juliet and is being appreciated among the viewers and movie critics for some certain reasons. If you are going to watch this movie and wish to come across about this movie review first then you have landed at the right place. Here, we are going to emphasize over its plus and minus points. Let’s check it out. Mirja juuliet movie review

Mirja juuliet movie review

Mirja juuliet movie review
Mirja juuliet movie review
  • Genre – Romance
  • Star Cast – Darshan Kumaar, Pia Bajpai, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Priyanshui Chatterjee
  • Director –Rajesh Ram Singh
  • Rating –  2/5

Story of the movie 

There would be many of you who always love to watch desi version of the popular movies. And here, your wish is going to become true with Mirja Juuliet. Yes!!! The desi version is coming up with double “U”. The story of movie revolves around Shakespearean classis noble. It is all about Mirza who is Muslim as well as poor.

On the other hand there is Julie a lovely girl. They both meets and fall in love with each other. They both belong to Uttar Pradesh where Anti-Romeo squads is going on and “Love Jihad” is all set to make the people’s life miserable for young people. What happens next? You have to head theatre to know this. Mirja juuliet movie review

What About The Script Of The Movie

In starting, you would come across that this movie is a bit like Mirzya and Ishaqzaade. In this movie, Jullie consider herself as a queen since she has three elder brother whom the entire village gets fear. The bad thing about this movie is that there are some lame male characters and do not add value to the script of the movie.

At some points, some dialogues are just disgusting. Though they think that they are going to showcase something unique but in the end it went into the vain. At some point, the speed of movie is quite slow and will make you feel a bit bore. Mirja juuliet movie review

Performance of the Star

Pia Bajpai did not get success to get fit in the shoe of acting and did not justice with her role. Seeing her in this movie, you will feel like you have seen earlier in Lal Rang. Mirja juuliet movie review
Darshan Kumar also does not look cool in this movie. It seems he is quite confused in respect of his character. His previous roles are much better in comparison of this one. Mirja juuliet movie review
Chandan Roy will be seen adding some good things to this movie. Apart from it, Priyanshu Chatterjee would be seen as Jullie’s elder brother. And he did great job in this movie. Mirja juuliet movie review

Why to watch

Though, there are very less reasons to say YES to this movie, but if you want something to watch revolving a general issue then you may go for it. Apart from it, if you want to see Priyanshu Chatterji or Darshan then there is another chance to say YES to it. Mirja juuliet movie review

So, what are you waiting for? If the above mentioned points go with your taste, then you may go for it. And do not forget to let us know your feedback and views regarding the movie. Stay connected with jiyo pal Pal…  

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