Patel ki shaadi movie review

Patel ki shaadi movie review
Patel ki shaadi movie reviewl

Rishi Kapoor is known for his incredible way of putting his view and saying would not wrong that Patel Ki Shaadi is going to be a great attention grabber as Rishi is there. Not only this, but Paresh Raval is also going to add a spark to you this movie. If you are going to watch this movie, would not you love to know more about its review? Take a look 

Patel ki shaadi movie review

Patel ki shaadi movie review
Patel ki shaadi movie review
  • Genre – Comedy
  • Star Cast – Rishi Kapoor, Paresh Rawal, Vir Das, Payal Ghosh, Prem Chopra
  • Director – Sanjay Chhel
  • Rating –  3/5

Story of Movie 

Paresh Rawal is playing the role of Hasmukh Patel, who is a great business man living in the society holding a rundown of aversions which incorporate liquor, non-veg nourishment and Punjabis. Paresh Rawal is typical Indian who does not like anything belongs to VIDESHI including jeans, film, and music, non-veg etc. On the other hand, Rishi Kapoor is totally opposite to Mr. Patel. He is his new neighbor He loves to have flashy clothes, drinks, loud language and so on. Patel ki shaadi movie review

What About Script

I must say this movie can be a bit better but unfortunately it is not. In this movie, you will see that Gujratis are more than what we all think about them. Time has changed and it has been shown in this movie that they are not uncool at all. Sanjay put extra efforts to come up with great scrip and worth to watch. Though film is not that much bore but it can be quite good. You will love watching it and if you wish to for it then there is a great yes for it.

Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi And The Star Performance

  • Rishi Kapoor and Paresh Raval, they both are known for their incredible acting skill. Watching them at the same platform will be a great treat to go. Patel ki shaadi movie review
  • Paresh Rawal looks enough convincing as he played his role incredibly good. He has added a life to his role.

What You Will Love About This Movie

Are you eager to know what the thing is will become memorable in your mind? Yes!!! There is a memorable dialogue in Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi that you will love keep chanting is that “Ek din akela Gujrat hi China se takkar lega!” The fact cannot be denied that this dialogue can be used by the political party in future to show their side powerful.

Do not go for having high hope since it is an average movie. You will love it watching with your loved ones. If you have nothing to do then you can go for it otherwise you can avoid it as well. But if you are a die-hard fan of Paresh Raval or Rishi Kapoor then you can go for it. Patel ki shaadi movie review

So, what are you forget for? It is time to go for with this movie if you do not wish to use your mind.

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