PM Narendra Modi | Movie Review | Hindi Bollywood Movies | Hindi Movie Counter

Pm Narendra Modi movie review
Pm Narendra Modi movie review

The fun of winning comes when all of you expect to lose! This dialogue of PM Narendra Modi tells the whole story of this film. The film, which was ready in less than two months, was to be released on April 11, but due to opposition from the opposition parties, the Election Commission had banned its release during the code of conduct.

PM Narendra Modi | Movie Review | Hindi Bollywood Movies | Hindi Movie Counter

Pm Narendra Modi movie review
Pm Narendra Modi movie review
  • Genre – Biography
  • Star Cast –Vivek Oberoi
  • Director – Omung Kumar
  • Rating –  2.5/5

Finally, the movie is now releasing. Modi’s bumper victory in the LokSabha elections held recently, but the makers of the film had already predicted the return of PM Narendra Modi on the posters of his film. Let’s check it out more about it in a discreet manner.

Story of PM Narendra Modi Movie

Telling the story of Narendra Modi from the time of his childhood to becoming the Prime Minister, the story of this film begins with the 2013, BJP in which Narendra Modi (Vivek Oberoi) is declared the Prime Ministerial candidate. After that, the film goes to the flashback, when Modi used to sell tea at the railway station.

When Modi’s father used to do tea shops, mother used to keep the utensils in the houses. On being a bit bigger, Narendra sought permission from his family to become a sannyasin, then the family thought of binding him in marriage, but Narendra left the house before marriage. After discovering the purpose of his life in the Himalayas peaks, Narendra returned to Gujarat as an RSS worker and afterwards he did not look back.

Why Should You Go For PM Narendra Modi Movie

How did Modi get the throne from Gujarat‘s CM to the PM of India? You have to go to the cinema to know this. Especially the film has tried to answer all the questions related to Modi’s tea-seller, marriage, Gujarat riots, and his life. At the same time, the film also offers many untimely aspects of Modi’s life. The film is said to be inspired by true events, but in order to avoid controversies, a long-term disclaimer has been given.

Good Points of PM Narendra Modi

Creative Producer Sandeep Singh writes the story of the film. Vivek Oberoi did a great job. He received a credit in screenplay and dialogues writing. Within just two and a quarter hours, the story of Modi has been consolidated in a straight forward manner.

In the first half, the film’s story goes from Modi’s childhood to the Gujarat riots, and in the second half, it has been shown the journey of becoming India’s Prime Minister. Leave some of the film’s documentary such as Sense, then the whole film keeps you tied.

Direction of PM Narendra Modi Movie

Director Umang Kumar, who made biographical films like ‘Marie Com‘ and ‘Sarabjit‘, has made a great movie on PM Narendra Modi. Vivek Oberoi also did a good job in the role of Modi. Al Vivek, who got up at 2 o’clock in the prosthetic make-up, has managed to take Modi’s look to a large extent, he has made every effort to copy the voice of Modi too.

Manoj Joshi is also interested in Amit Shah’s role. The film’s dialogues are quite strong, so screenplay and script have also been formed. The film’s sights have become beautiful. The cinematography of the scenes, especially in the Himalayas, is tremendous. If the music of the movie speeds up the story, then the background score is also good.

In The Last

If you are a fan of Modi, then do not miss this movie and rush to Movie Counter to book ticket. Go and enjoy with your family. But don’t forget to give feed back on PM Narendra Modi Movie.

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