Rudraprayag – Abode of Gods

Sandhya Aarti at Rudraprayag - Uttarakhand - India
Sandhya Aarti at Rudraprayag – Uttarakhand – India

If you wish to experience the splendor of nature in its most glorified form and also spend some time amidst the feeling of God’s divinity, then Rudraprayag is the destination for you. An amazing blend of a tourist destination and pilgrimage city, Rudraprayag has a lot to offer to all its visitors.

Settled on the banks of Alaknanda and Mandakini Rivers, the city is one of the Panch Prayags, i.e. one of the five confluences of holy River Alaknanda. Lying in the state of Uttarakhand, Rudraprayag is blessed with the bounty of nature in all the forms one can think of. Abounding sacred rivers, soaring Himalayas and an immense variety of flora and fauna have perfectly amplified the charm of Rudraprayag.

Major tourist attractions

  • Koteshwar Mahadev Temple – Comprising of naturally formed idols, this temple is in a cave and is situated on banks of river Alaknanda. Large numbers of devotees of Lord Shiva visit this temple to offer their prayers during the celebrations of Shivratri. According to mythological beliefs, Lord Shiva himself while on his way to Kedarnath meditated in this cave.
Rudraprayag - Abode of Gods
Koteshwar Mahadev Temple – Uttarakhand – India
  • Maa Hariyali Devi Temple – With pinnacles of Himalayas in its backdrop, the temple is dedicated to Maa Hariyali Devi who is also known as Bala Devi, Vaishno Devi and Sitla Mata. As per Hindu mythology, the hand of Mahamaya, who was the seventh child of Devki (Lord Krishna’s mother) fell at this very spot. Hence this temple is also one of the 58 Siddh Peeths of Hindus. Janmashtmi and Diwali celebrations of this temple are very popular.
Rudraprayag - Abode of Gods
Hariyali Devi – Uttarakhand – India
  • Deoria Tal – Situated at an elevation of 2438m and surrounded by thick green forests, Deoria Tal is a fascinating lake in Rudraprayag. A place which must be visited by all those travelling to Rudraprayag, whether pilgrims or tourists, Deoria Tal is set amidst mesmerizing ambience and offers truly heavenly scenic views.
Rudraprayag - Abode of Gods
Deoria Tal lake – Uttarakhand – India
  • Ausgustmuni – Renowned for being associated with Rishi Agastya, this town is believed to be a place where the great saint meditated for several years. Agasteshwar Mahadev Temple dedicated to holy soul is the most prominent attraction here. The architecture of the temple and stone carvings of Gods housed in it are truly lavish and magnificent. A huge fair is held every year on the occasion of Baisakhi in this small town.

Other places in and around Rudraprayag that can be explored by tourists and pilgrims are

  • Kedarnath Temple
  • Madmaheshwar Temple
  • Guptakashi
  • Ukhimath
  • Kalimath
  • Jakholi
  • Khirsu
  • Kartik Swami
  • Chandrashila
  • Sonprayag

Festivals and fairs

Locals of Rudraprayag celebrate all Indian festivals with a lot of excitement and involvement but some of religious celebrations are very close to their hearts. One of them is Shivratri. People of this region follow Lord Shiva in large numbers and hence celebrate Shivratri with immense devotion. Fairs are organized at all the Shiva Temples on this occasion. Other prominent fairs are Bishwat Sakranti on the 13th of April every year and Gaucher Mela in November.

Best time to visit

The best time to plan a trip to Rudraprayag is between the months of March and June. Though this is the time of summers here but the weather remains pleasant and ideal for sightseeing which can be difficult to manage during monsoon. Winter begins in November and lasts upto February and is quite chilling. One would need to carry a lot of heavy woolens to keep warm and comfortable which would not be a very easy thing to do. So we suggest you to travel to Rudraprayag anytime during the months of March to June.

How to reach

  • By air – Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 160km from Rudraprayag. There are frequent flights from Delhi and other major airports to Jolly Grant in Dehradun. Thereafter, travelers can easily find taxis to reach Rudraprayag comfortably.
  • By rail – The closest railway station is at Rishikesh (140km) which is well connected to other cities of Uttarakhand. Other major railway station close by is at Haridwar (160km). From both these stations, one can easily hire taxis or board buses plying to Rudraprayag.
  • By road – Lying on NH58, Rudraprayag is well connected to all the prominent cities and towns of northern India by way of state and privately run transport services.

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