Rudrapur: A City Of Unity In Diversity

Rudrapur: A City Of Unity In Diversity
NRI lake city – Rudrapur – Uttarakhand – India

Encircled by green hills, full of blossoming flowers, dotted with cassia trees, beautified with terraced farms and blessed with a delightful weather, Rudrapur is simply an amazing destination. However many days you spend here in the lap of nature, when its time to leave, you would surely be wanting to stay over for some more time. Moreover, this is a place where one can plan an enjoyable family vacation too!

A major industrial center of Uttarakhand, but now developing and flourishing also as an alluring tourist destination, Rudrapur lies in the foothills of the Great Himalayas. The city falls in the Udham Singh Nagar district of north Indian state of Uttarakhand. The uniqueness of Rudrapur is that you will find people from different geographical locations, casts, cultures and religions living here together as one big extended family. And this is why we have called it as a city of Unity in Diversity.

Major Tourist Attractions

  • Atariya Temple – Most prominent of all the attractions in Rudrapur, Atariya temple is situated at a distance of 2km from Rudrapur Bus Stand. Dedicated to Devi Atariya, this temple is the chief pilgrim center associated with the Goddess. As per mythological stories, King Rudra was passing by this way when his chariot got stuck in a marshland. He got this temple and a well constructed on that spot.
  • Chaiti Devi Temple – This temple is another important shrine that must be visited by all those on a trip to Rudrapur. Dedicated to Chaiti Devi, this temple celebrates a Navratri festival which lasts for ten days every year.
  • Giri Sarovar – Though still emerging, but a perfect picnic spot of this area. Having serene surroundings, a lake and a beautiful ambience, this spot attracts many tourists towards itself.
  • Senapani – Located on the borders of Udham Singh Nagar district, Senapani is another favorite spot of Rudrapur. The picturesque view of the splendid landscapes is simply not to be missed. Another distinction that makes it a hit are the adventure sports activities such as hiking and trekking carried out here.

Other places that could be of interest for travelers to Rudrapur are as follows

  • Mansa Devi Temple
  • Gularbhoj
  • Jaspur
  • Chakarpur
  • Gosukuan
  • Moteshwar Mahadeva Temple
  • Naveen Mandir
  • Guru Kripa Dham Mandir
  • Panch Mandir

Weekend trip to Nainital- All those planning a holiday to Rudrapur can also plan for a weekend stay at Nainital which is hardly at a distance of 62 km from Rudrapur and can be reached by road in just 2 hours!

Best Time To Visit

The weather of Rudrapur is pleasant and lively which makes it a nice place to be at during any time of the year. However, the city is best visited during the months of October and November. From December onwards is the onset of winters and lasts upto February. These months are a bit cold and you would need to carry sufficient woolen clothes if travelling to Rudrapur. Month of March brings with itself the season of summers which is pleasant till April but May and June are extremely hot. Months of February and March are also a good time to be around here.

Festivals and Fairs

Rudrapur is geographically located in the boundaries of Uttarakhand but it is inhabited by people of different cultures and communities. People residing in this city hail from different parts of India such as Punjab, Kashmir, Bengal, Haryana, Garhwal, Rajasthan, Kumaon and Nepal. Hence the culture and religious activities in the city are rich and varied. People here celebrate all the important Indian festivals with full dedication, enthusiasm and participation.
A prominent festival specific to this region is The Mela of Atariya Mandir and Chaiti Mandir. Held for ten days during Navratri every year, the festival involves huge participation from people at the temples of Atariya Devi and Chaiti Devi.

How To Reach

  • By air – The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport at a distance of about 6km from Rudrapur City. Another airport close by is Jolly Grant Airport which is 195km away from Rudrapur.
  • By Rail – The city has a railway station of its own which is well connected to all the major railheads of the country and is the most convenient way to reach here.
  • By Road – There are both private and state transport buses available from all the cities of northern India to Rudrapur. Alternatively, one can drive down own vehicle or hire a taxi to reach the city. Distance from Delhi to Rudrapur is 239 km.

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