How to train your mind to be optimistic

How to train your mind to be optimistic
How to train your mind to be optimistic

We are living in times where each and every one is worried about some or the other thing. Even if you talk to a small kid, you will get to know that he or she is worried too. The problem is that our expectations with our lives are always higher than the existing situation. We all dream such dreams which are hard to accomplish. It’s the human nature to not to be satisfied with what we have. We all wonder that glass is half full or the glass is half empty but we never lay emphasize on the fact that glass is refillable.How to train your mind to be optimistic

How to train your mind to be optimistic

How to train your mind to be optimistic
How to train your mind to be optimistic

We never realize the power; an optimistic mind can play in helping you feel better. We need to believe in ourselves a lot more than we actually do to achieve peace of mind. It is the most essential thing you should have if you wish to live a sound and healthy life. Our thoughts can change our life so try hard to feel good about you specifically inner self. If you feel good then only you can make others feel good too. How to train your mind to be optimistic

An optimistic approach towards life is very important to have positive views and thoughts. This vital approach makes you believe that better things are coming for you. It is scientifically proven that optimistic people have better and stronger immune systems. They live a disease resistant life. How to train your mind to be optimistic

Life can get hard at times and in those situations it is very difficult to stay positive. We seldom hear any positive news, every new day we are bombarded with lots of negative ones. It is in human nature that we all dwell towards negative stuff more rather than positive. How to train your mind to be optimistic

How to stay optimistic?

We can train our mind to stay positive and think well no matter what happens.

  • Learn to be Positive: – We think that this is not a big deal but it is. It is very difficult to think about the right things when nothing is going good for you. The brain needs to be trained to stay positive even in the worse situations. We can retrain our brains to scan only for the good things in life so that we can see more possibilities. Positivity helps a lot in living a prosperous and healthy life.
  • Look for 3 positives daily: – Make it a part of your routine of day to day life. In order to stay happy you need to look out for reasons that give you happiness. At the end of day, make a list of 3 positive points that happened during the day. Those positive points can be any good thing which occurred to you like bumping into an old school friend, watching sunset or having ice cream. Always look out for little things as these little things together built the big moments in life. Celebrate very tiny victory as it helps you in getting motivated towards life. This way you will be able to feel better about yourself daily. How to train your mind to be optimistic
  • Always try to do something nice: – Try to make an effort which is full of kindness. Kindness is the only thing which never goes out of fashion. Your caring act can boost someone’s happiness. Sometimes just try to make someone smile and this way you will make a person happy and will also feel good that you helped him or her. You never know what other person might be going through so make sure that you are kind and caring to every person you meet or see. Make it a habit to pass a smile even to strangers as you never know that it can brighten up someone’s day. To get out of the negativity loop, pause to do something thoughtful. Even small and simple thing like buying a chocolate for someone helps at times. How to train your mind to be optimistic
  • Be courteous and thankful: – No matter in what situation you are tries to express gratitude. Make a conscious decision to focus your mind on things which are full of positivity. Propose to be thankful for every little and small joy in life. Stop looking out for things which did not occur instead of it look on the ones which did. Teach your brain to be optimistic by doing small gestures like saying thank you. Always make a list of all the positivity’s in life so that you can revisit it whenever you feel low. This way you can feel better even in the bad times. How to train your mind to be optimistic
  • Try to help someone: – We have never lived until we have done something for someone who can never repay us. Always be a lending hand. There is no other joy as helping someone. When you help someone, you not only help that person you even help yourself as you start feeling good about your own self. Whenever you have the opportunity of helping someone just do not let it go. This way you train your brain to great things for people. Always focus on the good will and spread happiness by celebrating tiny victories. Always have faith that soon things will turn out for better. How to train your mind to be optimistic
  • Laugh more often: – The biggest problem with us is that we do not laugh these days. We prefer to be quiet; we have completely forgotten that laughter is the best medicine. Do not forget, ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ so in order to train your mind to be optimistic you need to laugh more often. Do not let misfortunes of life rattle you out. This life is worth living and you can conquer the world. Be as hilarious as you can so that you can laugh at your own self. Do not get disheartened with defeats there is lot more to life stand up again and fight back. Laugh at the odds of life. How to train your mind to be optimistic

What we believe we receive so if we will believe in good then automatically good things will reach us. Always look for a better and positive aspect of life. It is like a roller coaster ride, sometimes it goes down and at times down. But we are here to enjoy the ups and downs of life. So believe as we are what we believe we are.

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