What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice

What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice

An Indian plate would not be considered complete without having rice or chapatti or both. Be it lunch, dinner or breakfast, both are required to have in the meal to make it tastier. The fact cannot be denied that it jazz up the mind while taking food. What do you think about it? What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice

What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice

What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice

I think there would be many who agree with me. But many of us get into the dilemma which one is healthier if it is Chapatti or Rice. Which one hold a large amount of nutrition? So, if you are all set to know the pros and cons of chapatti and rice? If yes, then let’s go. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice

Let Compare Roti & Rice

  • First of all we have to understand that both food items, be it rice or chapatti, both hold similar carbohydrate level and calorific value. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • Though rice and roti both possesses the same value in the context of calorific and carbohydrate. But there is a great difference regarding proteins and fibres. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • In comparison of rice, chapatti is easier to digest. Actually, rice have starch which makes it easy to digest. On the other hand, roti takes time to digest. Since it digests slowly, it keeps you full for a long time. So, if you have been thinking for losing weight, you must go along with Roti only. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • If you are looking for sodium intake, then you must switch to roti as rice does not contain any sodium. The roti is loaded with protein, sodium, fibre and micronutrients. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • Well!!! If you are looking for a source of Folate then you must choose rice instead of chapatti. It is a water-soluble B-vitamin which is found in rice in abundance. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • If it is talked about minerals then chapatti comes at fingertips first not rice. Each chapatti is flooded with phosphors, iron, potassium and calcium. Though rice also holds the same amount of iron but it provided less phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Apart from it, rice does not hold any calcium.

Let’s Come To Know How To Make Chapatti Healthier

  • You must avoid ghee, oil or butter on roti in order to make it healthy. Apart from it, you must not add it while preparing dough. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • Some of you may add salt while preparing the dough but you should not add it if you wish to control your salt intake. If there is any BP patient in your family then you must chuck this kind of habit as soon as possible.
  • In order to increase fibre intake in your chapattis, you may powder of oats or you can use Jada flour. Jada Flour is a good source of the higher fiber content as well as it adds more nutrients in comparison of refined flours. Besides it, you can add Bajra, Jowar and Nachni to make your rotis rich in fibres, iron and calcium.
  • We all know that protein is very important for a growing body. To increase the amount of protein in roti, you must add soya flour and gram flour at the time of preparing the dough.
  • To make you roti a little bit spicy and crispy, adding cooked dal is one of the very nice ideas. Not only this, you can also add fenugreek, spinach, coriander and onions to enhance the taste of roti. It makes your roti healthier.

Why You Must Add Chapatti In Your Diet

  • It is loaded with Nutrients. Chapatti hold a number of vitamins and mineral like phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium. It is required to growth your body. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • Since Chapatti is rich in Zinc and other kind of minerals, it is very good for the skin.
  • Roti is digest easily. Though it takes a little bit time in comparison of rice. The people who wish to work on their weight must eat chapatti as it let them feel full for longer. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • It is a great source of carbohydrates and increase the energy level.
  • Roti contains iron and that is why it good for increasing the hemoglobin level of the blood.
  • It remains low in their calories if you do not add oil, ghee or butter.
  • To reduce the constipation, it is very helpful to eat chapatti.
  • Because of having the fibre amount, it play a wide role to prevent cancer.

What To Keep In Mind While Cooking Rice

  • It is very essential to keep a close eye over cooked rice. Actually, bacteria build up very quickly in cooked rice. You may refrigerate it. Never cook then more than once. The taste will get diminished.
  • Brown rice requires less water in comparison of white rice. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • To cook rice quickly, you must leave it in water throughout the night.
  • Though it is required to wash before cooking rice but most packaged rice is not required to wash. Apart from it, you must not was risotto rice otherwise you will loss starch. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice
  • Keep rice in an airtight container as it keeps it safe and healthier. If rice gets older more than a year, do not use them. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice

In a nutshell, it can be said that rice and roti both are good for health. You just need to keep in mind that that both food in a balanced way. Neither take in a great amount nor take less. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice

Next time when you serve for yourself or for others, add roti and rice both in a right amount. Why should skip one of them if both are good for health. Be it rice or roti, both hold great importance for your health. Take both of them in a right amount. What Is Good For Health Roti or Rice

So, whenever you prepare your plate, add both roti and rice in your diet. And stay healthy and fit.

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