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Marudhar Express movie review
Marudhar Express movie review

Vishal Mishra, who is known for his films Coffee with D & Hotel Milan‘, is ready for his upcoming small town’s love story, Marudhar Express, in which Kunal Roy Kapoor and Tara Elisha Beri are already. The makers of the film have released two posters of the film, which sets the essence of the film in Kanpur. lets check out it in Marudhar Express Movie Review in detailed manner.

Marudhar Express Movie| 2019 Movie Counter | HD Movies Download

Marudhar Express movie review
Marudhar Express movie review
  • Genre – Romance
  • Star Cast – Tara-Alisha Berry, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Rajesh Sharma
  • Director – Vishal Mishra
  • Rating –  3.5/5

Story of Marudhar Express Movie

The film revolves around a couple who comes under the pressure of child’s birth after their Arrange Marriage. Marudhar Express faces the post-marriage conflicts in the current context, even if it is during a humorous period.

Marud is the son of his father, Ashok Pandey. Like the arrows, bored as straight and oyster, Marudhas walks together in their lives, one disappointing day after one. But Ashok has planned to marry him and nobody will have the answer for him. Thus, there is a comedy of ridiculous proportions, because Marudhas marries the lovely and beautiful figure of Lucknow. Due to no experience working with women, let Marudhara go as a wife, as an emotionally and equally hilarious journey, she tries to find her legs between love, life and family Does it. What happens next? You have to head to theater to know it.

Cast Konal Roy Kapoor Performance

Before this, we have been shown the character Kunal Roy Kapoor as an innocent man by the title Don Donjo Hong Kahnab, who as an ambitious person who wanted to break through the customs present in a small town, Alisha does not play with Berry. She looks simple and sexy. Rajesh Sharma will be in the role of Male Nayak’s father.

Direction of Marudhar Express Movie

Director Vishal Mishra said that his aim was to entertain a family that could connect with the masses, yet they could raise important questions related to the present era. “I am a big fan of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and his slice-of-life films, this film is actually inspired by his style of film production. A fair share of credit goes to our producer Raj Kushwaha for his unethical support. ” in a statement.

For the first time producer Raj Kushwaha said, “Working with Vishal was a wonderful experience in my first production venture. Marudhar Express is very right for its style of clean family fun. Above all, this is a passionate execution for all of us and more than that, anything resonates with the audience. ” Marudhar Express was slated for release on October 26. The music of the film will be released under the Zee Music Company label.

What The Movie Goers Say About The Movie 

The film did not get a great response at the box office in the beginning and it is very difficult for the audience to understand it.

Reasons to Watch Marudhar Express 

You will feel great watching this movie as it comes up with great concept. You should not miss it. This movie will make you think that you might have been ignoring.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to rush Movie counter to  book your movie tickets in movie theatre near you and enjoy the movie.

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