10 Health Tips for Kids

10 Health Tips for Kids
10 Health Tips for Kids

Our children mean the world to us. Someone has rightly said that ‘Laughter of a child is the light of the home’. But for children to keep laughing and lighting up our home, they must remain healthy and fit. Being a mother myself, I very well know the importance of children’s health for their parents. 10 Health Tips for Kids

10 Health Tips for Kids

10 Health Tips for Kids
10 Health Tips for Kids

Kids these days have become hyper-sensitive to the environment. Pollution, infections, adulterated food, inclination towards junk and packed foods and drinks are blotting out our little darling’s health big time. And what is our action plan to counter this? Just sitting back and watching things happening? Or at best taking them to a medico when they fall sick and feeding them some creepy illness suppressing medicines which further degrade their immunity? Please stop doing that right away! While I am not telling you to stop visiting doctors, all I am suggesting you to do is to get to the root cause and find out some better alternatives. Some serious, healthy lifestyle changes are what our young one needs at the moment. Trust me they are not at all difficult to implement; all you need is a few firm steps. And you will experience tremendous changes in energy and immunity of your child in a few weeks! Just follow the following health tips: 10 Health Tips for Kids

  • Stick to fresh home cooked food – as much as possible. Don’t rely too much on preserved foods, juices etc. too much since it cannot ever match the nutritional value of fresh food. If your child does not like home cooked food, try preparing healthy food in a way he would love. Making a wrap instead of a regular chapatti and curry could be a good idea. In fact kids love decorations. So try jazzing up their plate a little bit before presenting in front of them. You can find easily manageable, innovative and super amazing ideas on the internet. I found really attractive ideas of doing up a fruit platter! 10 Health Tips for Kids
  • Share the joy of eating together – This way, your child will learn to eat what you are eating. Be their role models so that when they want to follow your footsteps in every aspect, they imitate your eating habits too. But be watchful because now you need to eat healthy too dears! 10 Health Tips for Kids
  • Finishing the plate is not that important anymore – Earlier we used to stress on finishing the food but that’s really not a good thing to do. Let your child have as much as he/she wants to. Remember, overeating is not a good habit. However, if your child does not eat enough, there is nothing to worry. You can feed him with something else after sometime when he’s hungry again! Eventually, he/she will learn to eat according to his/her appetite. 10 Health Tips for Kids
  • Variety is supremely important –  Young ones hate monotony, especially when it comes to food. So a different meal each time is what you must give them! And remember to include a major carbohydrate component in each meal since its crucial for their growth at this age. 10 Health Tips for Kids
  • Do not say a complete no to junk food – Yes! I know what I am saying. But there is a twist. Add a hidden health quotient to their junk food too. For instance, if you kiddie asks for a burger, give him one, but loaded with lots of lettuce and other veggies. My mother always said ‘It’s super easy to amuse a kid’. Just give some fancy name to this health loaded burger and see he/she will finish it in minutes. And your job is done!
  • Make sure your child eats a lot of fruits and vegetables – since they keep their entire system robust and lively. It is especially good for their digestive system which is quite tender and still developing at their growing age. In fact, instead of laying too much stress on ghee and butter, having fresh fruits and vegetables should be more important. 10 Health Tips for Kids
  • Do not forget the significance of hygiene – More diseases are spread by hygiene problems than unhealthy or improper food, especially among children. So make them learn the importance of washing hands and face frequently, changing clothes after school, brushing properly, bathing everyday etc. It will be of great help in preventing them from infections and germs. 10 Health Tips for Kids
  • Keep them well hydrated – Even little ones should drink lots of water every day and we as parents must make sure that the water is clean. Give them a water bottle for school every day. You can given them other fluids such as fruit juices, soft drinks, shakes, milk etc. as well and they are even more important during summers. 10 Health Tips for Kids
  • Staying active is super-crucial – But most children usually do not like exercising at all. So how to make them work-out. A nice way is to get involved with them in an activity that makes their body move. It could be dancing, running games or any other sort of outdoor games. Also extremely essential is to not let them fall so deeply into the trap of technology that they become lazy, sluggish and obese. 10 Health Tips for Kids
  • Last but not the least, your kid should never ever miss his/her breakfast. Apart from eating healthy, eating at the right time is also extremely vital. Skipping breakfast is a complete no no! After the entire night, your little one gets to eat in the morning and thereafter, they’ll be out for half of the day until they get back from school. So for fueling the body for entire day, having a breakfast is utmost essential! 10 Health Tips for Kids

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