10 Most unhealthy habits you must avoid

Healthy and Fit
Healthy and Fit

Most of time we are busy in finding out what to eat to stay healthy or what exercises to do to stay fit and active. Whereas there is another aspect fitness mantra as well, which often gets ignored. We are always careful or what to do but forget about learning or practicing what not to do!

Healthy and Fit
Healthy and Fit

There are quite a lot of things or habits that should be kept at a distance if we wish to stay healthful and lively. So here are a few things we must ensure to avoid to keep ourselves in good shape, physically as well as psychologically.

Following are 10 Most unhealthy habits you must avoid –

  1. Smoking – Irrespective of how you smoking (actively or passively), smoking has ill effects on entire human body. It is bad for your lungs, heart, stomach, blood vessels, teeth, skin and all other body components. So better say no to cigarettes immediately and forever if you wish to stay in good health.
  2. Heavy consumption of alcohol – In order to stay healthy and fit, both physically as well mentally, then keep yourself away from consumption of alcohol in heavy quantities. Besides affecting our blood, liver, stomach, heart and nerves adversely, it also has serious negative effects on family as well as professional life.
  3. Skipping meals – Having proper meals and having them at proper time are both very important for our body to remain healthy and fit. Skipping meals or eating at odd timings can have more grave repercussions for our health than we had ever thought. It leads to poor performance of our brain, heart, liver and other digestive organs. It also drops our energy levels drastically.
  4. Carbonated drinks – Indulging in our favorite carbonated drinks every now and then may give us some momentary pleasure due to its delightful taste, but the fizz and caffeine content of these drinks pose health problems that are severe than we could imagine. They spark the storage of fats in our body; they are bad for our digestive organs, bone strength, kidney lungs, heart etc. In short, they are a bane for our entire body.
  5. Overeating – Eating more than our body’s calorie requirements or more than our appetite is one of the deliberate ill actions we make to harm our body. Excess food we eat get deposited in our body in the form of fat and triggers many health problems such as obesity, heart disorders, backache etc.
  6. Sleep late night – Going to bed in late night hours is bad for both, our physical as well as mental health. Sleeping well and in time should be an important part of our daily routine. Ill effects of an improper sleep also include adverse behavioral changes besides health problems such as cardiac issues, insomnia, weak immune system and obesity.
  7. Frequently eating out/eating processed food – Indians originally didn’t have the culture of eating processed, packed or tinned food. This is a tradition we have imbibed from the west due to shortage of time owing to our busy schedules. But being busy does not degrade the importance of eating fresh food cooked at home and in hygienic surroundings. Try to keep away from foods selling on streets or in readymade packets as we have no idea about their quality and hygiene, compromising which can be very harmful for our health.
  8. Sugar/sweets – Sugar itself is no nutrition. It is nothing but just calories we add to the already stored fat in our body that could lead to health risks of obesity someday. Try to stay away from it as much as possible.
  9. Junk food – Fast food or junk food is the un-healthiest form of food we could nourish our body with. So stop the habit of grabbing that fatty burger or cheese burst pizza right away and rather chose healthier fruits, vegetables, beverages and other foods for your stomach.
  10. Sedentary lifestyle – If you think that giving too much rest to your body is good for you and have a kind of lifestyle which has no or very little physical activity, then you might be at a risk of thousands of health hazards which are posed to you. People having sedentary lifestyle are prone to health problems such as obesity, anxiety, depression, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, kidney disorders and many more. So stop taking too much rest and get yourself going. Make sure to exercise for at least 20 minutes every day. This can be in any form such as taking a walk, dancing, yoga, cycling, aerobics etc.

Pallavi born and brought up in Delhi. She completed her masters in Economics from Delhi. She has a great interest in reading and writing. Since her teenage she is very passionate about latest beauty and fashion trends. She has always been a close friend of nature and has a deep faith in nature and God. She believes that each and every creation of God has something to teach to humans. She has inherited a deep knowledge of use of various natural products for beauty treatments and remedies for day-to-day ailments from her mother. She is also the co-author of a book based on this concept- Beauty From the Kitchen.. Be Natural Be Young. The combination of love for nature and books motivated her to write in this direction. As a creative writer and an educated economist, she has interest in writing on various other subjects as well such as lifestyle, politics, fashion, business, finance, entertainment and a lot more. She truly believes that learning is a lifelong process and one should always be ready to learn from everything that comes across in life.

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