10 Things you should throw out now for good health

10 Things you should throw out now for good health
10 Things you should throw out now for good health

Staying fit is not that way much tough or tricky as it is considered. You just need to keep some points to keep in your mind that we usually keep ignoring mulling nothing happens doing this. Here, we have listed the 10 things that you must not practice if you wish to stay fit and healthy. Let’s check it out 

10 Things you should throw out now for good health

10 Things you should throw out now for good health
10 Things you should throw out now for good health
  • Makeup Sponges – looking good is everyone’s desire. But apart from it, stay healthy must also be your choice. Do you know that you should wash your makeup sponge after each with warm soapy water? Many of us do not do anything like this. After washing, you also need to let it completely dry. Doing this means you are going mitigating the chances of getting any sorts of skin infections. Apart from it, you also need to one thing in mind that throw out the sponge within 30 days. It does not sound good to use the same one from a long to save some pennies as it can leave bad affect to your skin. In case, if you are using the expensive one then you go for expiring it within three months. But do not use it more than it. The same you must do with the kitchen sponge as it does not consider healthy to use them longer. They hold a lot of bacteria.
  • Plastic Lunchbox and Water Bottle – Many of us buy them as they look quite stylish to hold as well as come with a sticker claiming BPA-free. But that doesn’t mean they are going to keep you staying away from all sorts of toxic materials. It would be good to avoid plastic bottles and carry the bottle made using the stainless steel. Three is a variety of stylish and fashionable stainless steel bottles available at the best prices.
  • Less Chemicals – Whether it is hair oil, shampoo, conditioner or moisture, try to use the one coming up with less chemicals. These days the new age market also introducing the a wide variety of beauty and cosmetic products made up using the natural elements. You must go with them. In case, you have to use the cosmetic then make sure that you are using them in less quality. Do not forget to clean them before jumping to bed. Apart from it, have coconut oil massage time to time to keep the skin healthy and tight longer. To keep your hair shiny and healthy, have the coconut hair oil massage.
  • Drink Water As Much As You Can – This is quite common health benefit tip but even then it is being mentioned since many of us still ignoring it. Keep your water bottle always in your bag whether you are covering short or long distance travelling. It would be good if you add lemon in it as it keeps taking the toxic out of your body. 10 Things you should throw out now for good health
  • Take Short Break While Working On Computer – Though we all are running busy and getting stick with laptop/mobile/computer has become our need, it is essential to create balance. Make sure that you are doing enough eye related exercises to reduce the extra stress. The next thing is that keep having the short break and walk to warm up your body. Sitting whole day on your chair can also lead you towards many disease. Have a lunch box in your bag having fruits to keep eating while working on computer. Mitigate the ratio of cup of coffee/tea. 10 Things you should throw out now for good health
  • Have Your Sanitizer – Are you washing your hand before eating anything? You may say that it is too difficult. Then what can you do. Have a sanitizer in your bag or pocket to sanitize your hand before having anything. Though you must also wash your hand having water and soap. But keep in mind that washing hand is quite necessary. You may also have wipes in your bag to keep your hands clean. This is one of the most important things that you must not miss at any rate. Stop making excuse and follow this as studies also say that many folks comes in the contact of the diseases due to not washing their hand.
  • Do Not Go With High Heels –Though they hold magic to look you eye-grabber but they are bad for health. According to the studies, women who more often wear the high heels get easily the shoulder pain, the toe pain and back pain. Though you wish to look fashionable, but staying fit is more essential than that. It would be good to go with the flat as they look stylish and keep you healthy as well.
  • Smoking – Keep one thing in mind that smoking is not going to make you stylish or fashionable at all. Pollution rate is increasing day-by-day. People having respiratory health issues either due to pollution or smoking. In case you are having it then try to quit it as soon as possible.
  • Old Bras – How many of you keep wearing the old bras without mulling that may lead to the wrong shape of your breasts? If you have been using then stop this as soon as possible. Being an aware one, you must not practice this. After losing the elasticity, they do not worth to wear. It would be good to throw them out without taking even a second. Nothing is precious than your health. Staying healthy is in your hand. They may even lead to back or shoulder pain. 10 Things you should throw out now for good health
  • Junk Food – There is a comprehensive range of junk food available in the market. We all love it. But it must not go in excessive since it is harmful to your body. Try to have homemade food as much as you can. You can also make it tasty trying various recipes. 10 Things you should throw out now for good health

The list is too long but the prominent ones have been mentioned here. Follow them to stay fit and healthy.

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